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Review of The Bald Viking Beard Company Shield Maiden Beard Oil

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I have been sent the Shield Maiden Beard Oil for review purposes from The Bald Viking Beard Company!

The first thing I have to mention is the consistency of this beard oil. It is thick and I mean seriously thick!

And I like beard oils that have got a heavier consistency!

The base is a simple two oil blend of Castor Oil & Sweet Almond Oil and as I said it is thick and also a pale coloured oil.

Being thick it is not as easy to work into the beard hair as a thinner oil, I found that I had to spend a lot longer really working it right the way through my beard & also I had to use a little more than usual.

I had initially thought it wasn’t giving my beard the softness that I got from some of the other oils, but once I spent some time working it in and using more, it gave great results and I love it.

I like a thick beard oil because for me it gives a better result, it gives a little bit of hold and my unruly and dry beard benefits more from a thicker blend and so I am a happy chappy!

The scent is a blend of Patchouli, Bergamot & Lime.

And it is rather good!

The sweet and musky Patchouli is the first of the scents and that is hardly surprising as it is a strong scent that is easily over done (not here) and then the lime comes in after that offering a fresh and very slightly zesty twist and then the bergamot but that for me is extremely subtle.

But it is a very nice blend and as I have said before, I have grown to really love Patchouli since reviewing beard care products!

Golden Beard Award

And so I am compelled to give Shield Maiden the ‘Golden Beard Award’, for me there are not enough thick beard oils on the market and that is a shame!!!

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At the time of writing (3/9/19) the 50ml bottle of Shield Maiden beard oil costs a barmy £7 from The Bald Viking Beard Company website.

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