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Review of the Balbo Beard Co Candy Hearts Beard Oil

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We all remember the Candy Heart sweets or rather Love Hearts as I know them, the round discs with a heart on and a soppy message inside the heart. The Balbo Beard Co Candy Hearts Beard Oil have captured that scent perfectly!

Golden Beard Award
Golden Beard Award

The Candy Hearts oil is one of the beard oils from the Balbo Beard Co Retro Sweet Shop range and they have proven to be very popular and after trying them I am not surprised.

The base for these oils is a blend of Grapeseed, Jojoba and Argan carrier oils and what an amazing blend it is. The quality of these oils is obvious and the blend has produced a beard oil that leaves my beard feeling soft and of course it keeps the skin under the beard cared for.

The Candy Hearts scent is created from fragrance oil but where as with some you get that scent of the alcohol it sits in, with these Retro Sweet Shop oils, that is not evident.

I am not surprised because Balbo Beard Co owner Rhian consistently produces products that are of a high quality and I know she won’t release a product unless it is perfect. This includes having all the products assessed and making sure they are approved before being sold.

This is why Balbo Beard Co is one of my seven ‘Golden Beard Award’ brands, which mean the award has been given as a brand as a whole and it is very well deserved.

Balbo Beard Co

The Balbo Beard Co Candy Hearts Beard Oil comes in a 30ml glass bottle with a glass dropper and costs £9.99 from the website.

The Retro Sweet Shop Beard Oils are also available as;

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