I was recently sent to vape juices from Vape Vandal who are based in Malaysia!

Vape vandal

I was sent a 60ml Chunky Juice – Fat Juicy Orange Soda – that at todays’ exchange rate costs £7.02 and contains PG30/70VG

and an AJ Vape – Mango Blackcurrant – that costs £10.75 at todays exchange rates and contains 50ml PG50/50VG and both are nicotine free.

Many of us now purchase goods from Asia and often it works out cheaper to do so and the quality of goods can be comparable to those found here in the UK.

Unfortunately there was some leakage when I opened the package, the vape juices were well protected in a few layers of bubble wrap but I expect that the long trip isn’t a gentle journey!

I did have a bit of a problem opening the Fat Juicy Soda, the lid would just not come off and I ended up using a pair of pump pliers on it.

Both are nice but the AJ Vape – Mango Blackcurrant is without doubt the star here, I have never been a smoker but I have enjoyed vaping the CBD oils and so I started vaping. This juice is just bursting with flavour, it is gentle without a throat hit in the Smok Pen Plus.

Of course you have to check the import duties for products that you buy from outside the EU as you may get a customs fee and a Royal Mail handling charge on top. Of course you may not, I didn’t and it really is just the luck of the draw sometimes!

Vape Vandal

Go and check out Vape Vandal, have a look at the Vape Juice on offer and the hardware that they sell!


You can also keep up to date with Vape Vandal on Facebook, InstagramYouTube



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