When you are recording video, it is important to have good lighting to get good results.

Ring lights have become very popular and for good reason, they provide good lighting that is even and eliminates shadows.

The 19″ LED Ring Light from CAIYING-EU on Amazon is good value and it is a beast of a light!


19 Inches/49 Cm (Outer measurement) 55W 5800K LED Ring Light with White Filter set.

  • Power adapter with UK plug
  • Phone holder
  • 2 x cold shoe mounts. 1 fixed – 1 Ball head
  • Screwdriver

1x 155cm metal light stand

Padded bag that has handles and a shoulder strap and is like a laptop case style.


The ring light contains 4 panels of 60 SMD LED’s, 30 cool and 30 warm making a total of 240 LED’s and so it is no surprise that this is a very powerful ring light.

The LED’s can be dimmed from 1 to 100% and 3000K-5800K adjustable colour temperature.

The group setting button A through to E is very handy, if you select a group and adjust the colour of the light and the brightness, it will be stored on that group even when you power down and so you can have 5 group settings for different shooting set ups.

The Quick Brightness Adjust toggles the brightness through 25% – 50% – 75% and 100%

The Wireless Button would be used if you had a set of wireless lights and adjusting one light would sync the other lights to the same setting. Unfortunately my other two flat LED panels are not wireless and so I couldn’t test this.

The Channel Setting button would allow you to either use the same channel for all of your lights and so adjust them as I mentioned above or select a different channel to stop it being adjusted from other nearby lights.

The Brightness and Colour Adjustment is a dial with a button in the centre. Turning the dial increases and decreases the brighness from 1% to 100% and pressing the button in the centre then allows you to adjust the colour temperature from 3000K (warm) up to 5800K (cool).

Illumination: 4800Lux (0.5m), 1680Lux (1m)

The phone holder is a nice idea and I have used this to do a couple of Facebook Live videos in a group that I run and using my Samsung S7 on forward facing, I had to dial the Ring Light right back to about 5% and at about 4600k.

There are two small fittings on the Ring Light that I am informed is to mount a mirror for doing make up, a good idea but it seems like over kill to use a light of this size for make up, but then I am not a make up expert.


The Tripod is easy to set up, the legs are folded up onto the tripod and so it is just a case of fully undoing the wing knob and gently easing the legs downwards and then retightening the wing knob.

It also has a further three wing knobs for height adjustment and it is an okay quality and is fairly sturdy.

The Ring Light then sits on top of the tripod and once tight it does not budge, but if you slightly loosen it, the Ring Light is free to spin.

The Ring light can also be adjusted 90° forwards and backwards from the upright position.

The only negative I have with this Ring Light is that if you wear glasses and are using a phone in the holder to shoot, I had to be closer and the light reflects into my glasses and as you can see from the screenshot from the live video, I end up looking like a Minion!

The 19″ LED Ring Light from CAIYING-EU is available from Amazon with free next day delivery and costs £99.99 with a £5 off voucher valid until 31 July 2019.


The remote control is available to purchase seperately for £19.99 >LINK<


I am still using this light, it comes out when I shoot video using my phone. I shoot day to day using a DSLR with an LED light panel on the shoe mount and two LED panels, one either side. Sometimes I want a less formal video or if I go live on a Facebook group I run and it is then that I use this light. It only needs to be on a very low setting as it is so powerful but it does the job I need and the results are great!

By Zechariah Richardson

Over 50, disabled, husband, father and gramps who reviews products and writes blog posts about his life, beekeeping, gardening and whatever pops into his brain!

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