Having previously reviewed the Beard Polisher in the same scent, I now bring you the review of the Superfurry Sin & Tonic Lightweight Beard Oil otherwise known as Beard Dew!

As the product name suggests, this is a lightweight beard oil from Superfurry, if you are looking for a thicker oil, I can highly recommend their Furrydandy oil.

This beard oil is a blend of;

  • Safflower Oil
  • Grapeseed Oil
  • Castor Seed Oil

And as to be expected from Ivan who is the creator and owner of Superfurry, it is a very nice oil.


For me, it is too thin, if I choose to use a beard oil, then it would be a thicker consistency and I love the FurryDandy oils and especially the Cherry Porn scented version!

The scent blend is as Ivan describes it;

Tonic Olibanum from India in harmony with woodsy Cedar, rich notes of Italian Cypress and Austrian mountain pine. Discrete Hints of sinful precious Araucaria – Monkey puzzle tree and rare exclusive Japanese Hinoki Cypress. Sacred Elemi and Gum rock rose giving the fragrance a sinful touch. This fragrance will convince you in the very beginning with a unmistakable presence, and as it fades, the masculine woodsy accent will remain. 

And as I said in the review for the Sin & Tonic beard polisher, the Tonic Olibanum is Frankincense, the Araucaria is from the Monkey Puzzle Tree, Japanese Hinoki is Woodsy with notes of Lemon, Elemi is Pine like again with Lemon notes and Gum Rock Rose is sweet citrus floral warm top notes and slightly woody.

It is a rewrite of what we usually get with a woodsy scented beard oil, and I am not surprised as Ivan is a master at blending scents, well a master of beard care as a whole!

And I loved it in the beard polisher, I could not explain in mere words alone how much I loved the scent. It was just sublime.


Now I have mentioned many times how a scent will differ between an oil and a balm or in this case, an oil and the beard polisher which does contain a butter and a wax. In an oil the scents are brighter, they pop more and different notes can be more vivid.

And this is very much the case here, in fact I kept going back to compare the two because I was even unsure of my own opinion.

In the Superfurry Sin & Tonic Lightweight Beard Oil, the scent is not doing it so much for me. The scent is more pine, it is fresher, that real pine freshness, and I am getting a slight musky scent whereas in the polisher I said I was getting an almost smokiness.

I have the same scent, and yet I am not as keen, in fact I would happily pass on it!

But that is okay, this is after all my opinion, and I am sure that this incredibly complex scent blend will be very popular amongst the fans of woodsy scents!

Superfurry review

The Sin & Tonic lightweight Beard Dew Beard Oil comes in a 50ml bottle and costs 19.90€ from the Superfurry website.

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By Zechariah Richardson

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