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Review of Superfurry FURRYDANDY Limoncello Beard Oil

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Oh my God, Superfurry FURRYDANDY Limoncello Beard Oil, yes Ivan has done it  again!

Golden Beard Award
Golden Beard Award

Limoncello is an Italian lemon liqueur produced in Southern Italy and not a dessert like this silly old fool thought!

Creator and Owner of Superfurry Ivan has Italian blood running through his veins and so it is no surprise that he would want to capture this in a beard oil scent.

Now I have never tasted or had a sniff of this liqueur but what I can say is that this beard oil is a burst of Lemon and it has been done to perfection and honestly I am not surprised as Ivan consistently produces amazing products and scents.

A budget range is what Ivan calls his FURRYDANDY beard oils but the only thing budget is the white plastic bottle, because the contents are about as budget as a Ferrari!

The base for the FURRYDANDY oils is a two oil blend of Safflower Seed and Castor oil and the result of this union is an incredible oil with a thick consistency that left my beard looking and feeling good.

If you haven’t tried the Superfurry products then you are missing out!


The Superfurry FURRYDANDY Limoncello Beard Oil comes in a 50ml bottle and costs €14.50 or €12.50 each if you purchase 4 or more from the Superfurry website.

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