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Review of Superfurry FURRYDANDY 2nd King of 3 Beard Oil

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For a while now I have heard people saying how much they love the Superfurry FURRYDANDY 2nd King of 3 Beard Oil and I can now agree with them, WOW!

Golden Beard Award
Golden Beard Award

Now I did get a tad confused, I saw 2nd King of 3 and thought “oh yes, I love frankincense!”, however I was wrong as it is in fact Myrrh, yes the gift brought by the Persian (now Iran) Magi as a gift for a certain well known baby!

The Myrrh has been lifted with a dash of Orange Zest and it has created a very nice scent, now of course Myrrh was used for embalming but why not get a head start and get your beard ready!

Ivan has a gift for creating these scents and he doesn’t stick to the same old like many brands tend to do, the 2nd King of 3 is certainly different and it has paid off with this amazing scent that is warm and lifted with the orange.

The base for this is a two oil blend of Safflower Seed and Castor oil, the result is a thicker than usual consistency and so as well as making your beard feel softer, it also gives it a slight hold.


The Superfurry FURRYDANDY Neptun’s Tears Beard Oil comes in a 50ml bottle and costs €14.50 or €12.50 each if you purchase 4 or more from the Superfurry website.

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