I have been sent one of the Seizmont Watches from Trendhim for review.

Smart watches have become increasingly popular but without any doubt, you cannot be a proper watch. A watch that runs using spring, wheels and pinions, a watch that just looks so good on the wrist and marks the 86400 seconds of every day.

Seizmont  ‘Asger’ Dante Watch

And that is exactly what the Seizmont ‘Asger’ Dante Watch from TrendHim is, a proper watch!

I own quite a few watches from a 1950’s Enicar dress watch to a Casio digital, but my favourites are all spring powered and have that lovely tick just like watches and clocks have had for hundreds of years.

The Danish designed Seizmont ‘Asger’ Dante Watch houses a Seagull ST1646 movement and is made from stainless steel.

  • Dimensions Case width: 1 3/4″
  • Case depth: 1/2″
  • Band width: 7/8″
  • Weight: 130 g (4.6 oz)

The watch has a nice weight to it and so feels very nice on the wrist and the wristband was the perfect size for me (my wrist measures 21cm). I like a watch to be slightly loose on my wrist. Not tight and not rolling round but to have some movement.

The strap has an easy to use deployment clasp that keeps the watch secure on your wrist.

The Seizmont ‘Asger’ Dante Watch also has a self winding mechanism, the half moon shaped piece that can bee seen through the rear glass is the rotor that rotates as you move your arm and winds the mainspring.

Seizmont Asger Dante Watch

The skeleton design looks good, however this was one thing that I struggled with as when the hands are over the skeleton part of the watch, I couldn’t see them without my glasses.

This is personal taste but I do feel that if the hands were solid, they would stand out more!?

The watch has a black bezel with the seconds engraved into it and it has a black face with Roman numerals marking the 12, 6 and 9 hours and this looks very good, I like Roman numerals on a watch.

Seizmont ‘Asger’ Dante Watch

Available from TrendHim.com or TrendHim.co.uk the watch is very reasonably priced at £139 and it comes boxed in a black card box with pull off lid.

So all in all a very nice watch to have on your wrist, this watch would look good on your wrist if you were wearing Tee Shirt and shorts or a suit and it is my opinion that everyone should have at least one nice proper watch!

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By Zechariah Richardson

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