The Morgan’s Moustache & Beard Cream from befaf is not like most beard care products that I get for review!

The product is a cream as the name implies and has the consistency of a moisturising cream, now for me this felt strange as I am so used to oils and balms but I am always open-minded as you never know when something will come along and change your mind about the products you prefer.

Alas that was not the case here!

Morgan’s is a very well-known name in the hair care industry, their products were first made in small batches in a kitchen back in 1875, much like many of our small batch beard care is now produced. They have now sold over a billion jars of the Morgan’s Pomade.

So when Morgan’s looked at the beard care market, it was only right that they stick to what they know and they produced the Moustache & Beard Cream which is very much like their hair creams.

When you apply a small amount of the Moustache & Beard Cream it dampens your beard hair, then after styling it dries and gives a slight hold like you would get from a hair cream. This left my beard feeling a bit softer but I wasn’t that impressed.

One of the guys said he uses the Morgan’s Moustache & Beard Cream and uses a hair dryer after applying and there was an improvement in softness but personally I prefer a balm.

Morgan's Moustache & Beard Cream ingredients

The Morgan’s Moustache & Beard Cream contains aloe vera, wheat germ oil and virgin olive oil to nourish the hair.

The Morgan’s Moustache & Beard Cream costs £7.49 from the befaf website.


befaf is a 3rd party reseller that sells a wide range of beard care products as well as products for hair care, shaving and lifestyle from many well-known brands such as American Crew – Apothecary 87 – Barber Mind – Bear – The Bluebeards Revenge – Captain Fawcett – Clubman– Kent Brushes – Dear Barber – Fudge – Hairbond – Jack Dean – Morgans Pomade – Oil Can Grooming – Osmo– Red One  – Suavecito – Uppercut Deluxe – Vines Vintage.

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By Zechariah Richardson

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