Some time ago I was sent a Mo Bro’s XL Grooming Kit that comes in a metal tin, it contains eight pieces and I received the ‘Vanilla and Mango’ scented kit for review.

The tin contains a 15ml Balm, a 10ml Oil, a 15ml Wax, an 80g soap, a wooden beard comb, a small pair of scissors and a hessian wax bag.

These are the links to the reviews for the products

Vanilla and Mango Oil

Vanilla and Mango Balm

Vanilla and Mango Wax

Vanilla and Mango Soap

This kit would be a great present for the bearded man in your life or as a starter kit for your beard care. The kit is also available in the following scents

CedarwoodCedarwood has a wonderful smell that contains a woody, sweet, sharp note fragrance. This a great oil for dry scalp and hair growth.

Sweet Mint – Peppermint oil is has such a soothing and calming scent, which is used to strengthen hair and will make your hair smell incredible!

 Orange Bergamot – Orange oil is fabulous for maintaining healthy, smooth and glamorous skin, which holds a great sweet citrus fragrance. Bergamot maintains shine to boring hair affected by the weather and also has a great citrusy, yet fruity and sweet with a bit of warm spicy floral quality smell. Lemon oil is  great oil for increasing the luster of dull skin that helps give great shine to your hair. Lemon is also highly prized for its high anti-bacterial properties, which helps the skin and hair to be hygienic.

Christmas Spice – Cinnamon gives a warm spicy scent and has a major benefit for skin as it helps to enhance skin complexion. Clove Buds, this has a rich spicy aromatic fragrance that smell like actual cloves. Vanilla is rich in vitamin B, as this helps to maintain healthy skin and hair. The fragrance is subtle and contains a hint of creamy coconut, white chocolate and a whisper of fresh candyfloss.

UnscentedSimple bearded balm with no added extract

The kit is available on the Mo Bro’s website for £19.99 or click the buy button at the top!



By Zechariah Richardson

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