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Review of Flutter Butter Peanut Butter for birds

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I like to feed the birds and I have a feeding station in the garden.

Due to limited finances I usually buy bulk seed out of Birthday money and on my birthday in August 2018, I did just that!

Flutter Butter

In fact I decided to purchase the Flutter Butter peanut butter for birds and the holder.

I had heard that the peanut butter was something the birds would love and you can’t feed normal peanut butter as the salt content is too high!

So I purchased the holder and three jars, the plain, a fruity one and one that contains bugs.

I screwed the holder to my feeding station and screwed in the jar of plain Flutter Butter and expected it to take a few days for the birds to get used to the new feeder!

We get a nice variety of birds visting, House and Tree Sparrows, Blue Tits and Great Tits, Goldfinch, Robins, starlings by the hundred and many more and so I was sure that the Flutter Butter wouldn’t last very long.

Two weeks later nothing had touched the peanut butter and so I swapped out the jars for the buggy one and waited.


So I tried the fruity one and………………………yep you guessed it.


I thought that when the autumn came and the temperature dropped, that the birds would then eat the Flutter Butter to get a food that would help to keep them fed in the cold weather.

It is now 20th December and still nothing has touched the Flutter Butter peanut butter and I am suprised that the Starlings haven’t as they usually eat anything I put out and it goes quick!

I am also amazed that the squirrels haven’t had a feast on it.

I guess it is no suprise that I don’t recommend the Flutter Butter peanut

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