It is no secret that I am a big fan of the Flare Audio products, and the Flare Audio Sleeep earplugs have not changed my opinion of the brand!


When I reviewed the Flare Audio Isolates, I had a few comments on YouTube saying that they were no good for use during the night and even with the Snoozers, some people were not happy. Now there will always be someone that will moan about a product but the Isolates were not really designed for nighttime use.

Now we have the Sleeep and there is no way that this product can receive complaints, they are literally the perfect earplug for use whilst sleeping!

Flare Audio Sleeep earplugs review

I received the Sleeep in the Aluminium Dual and Pro Dual.

Both arrive in a card envelope and inside is a further card envelope and so no nasty one use plastics, that is a very nice touch and something that all companies should be doing!

Flare Audio Sleeep earplugs review
Flare Audio Sleeep Pro Dual

Inside you get the turned metal earplugs, one set of Standard and Large size Earfoams® and a Flare Audio Carry Pouch.

I have attached large to one end and standard to the opposite end, this suits me as for some reason, depending on my health, I need to use different sizes of ear foams.

Flare Audio Sleeep earplugs review

Above you can see the difference between the Aluminium Dual that are precision turned from aerospace aluminium and the Pro Dual that are precision turned grade 5 titanium.

My daughter has been using the Aluminium Dual earplugs as the guy in the flat upstairs to her likes to have a shout and a rant when he has had a few cans and she has said that whilst wearing the Sleeep, that she can barely hear him and trust me that is saying something.

The Sleeep earplugs will actually reduce noise by -32 dB average attenuation.

The size and weight of the earplugs are;

  • Aluminium Dual
  • Body diameter | 4mm
  • Weight | 2.17g
  • Pro Dual
  • Body diameter | 4mm-1mm
  • Weight | 2.17g

And they are so light that you hardly notice that they are there, if it wasn’t for the fact that they are so good at blocking out noise that I can hear my heart beating.

I try and meditate before going to sleep to help with the high pain levels that are always there and so with these earplugs in and laid there listening to my heart beating, it is so relaxing!

I love the Pro Duals, the turned shaft that is turned down to a mere 1mm at the centre means that they sit in my ears so well.

The Sleeep earplugs cost £19.99 for the Aluminium Dual £19.99 and £29.99 for the Pro Dual Titanium from the Flare Website

But, there is also another option and that is the Flare Clear and Clear Duo that come supplied with one set of Earfoams and cost £4.99 for the Clear and £7.99 for the Clear Dual

You can keep up to date with Flare Audio on

By Zechariah Richardson

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