I have reviewed for Flare Audio a few times and have always been very happy with their products. In fact I use the Flare Audio Isolate earplugs regularly so I was more than happy to do a Review of Flare Audio Calmer.

Flare Audio Calmer came about when Davies Roberts the CEO and Inventor of Flare Audio was looking to remove distortion when listening to music.

“For years our team have been re-thinking the design of audio speakers and earphones and developing technology to reduce the detrimental distortion that traditional approaches can’t address. During this process I experienced a Eureka moment, and uncovered a way to target distortion at source; in the human ear itself.”

Davies Roberts, CEO and Inventor

Calmer were born and I love reviewing products like this that are made for one purpose and end up helping in a different way!

As well as removing distortion when listening to music, Calmer helps people who suffer from stress and even helps some with tinnitus.

I have taken a while to get the review for this product published and that is because I have struggled to find a way to describe the effect and I think the only way I can describe what it is like to have this product in your ears is to say that it creates a stillness!

I often struggle because of fatigue and especially mental fatigue when I have a flare up. I often use the Isolate Ear Plugs but I have found that the Calmer helps.

One example is the washing machine, the noise can literally drive me mad and it isn’t the actual noise but a buffeting of the air. It is almost like being in the car and having a window slightly down and you get that buffeting or oscillation of the air.

Wearing the Calmer removes that distortion.

I think it is like when you watch an HD film and think the image quality looks amazing but then you watch it in 4k!?

Calmer reduces stress by removing distortion that would usually trigger the human ‘fight or flight’ response. While this response was a vital part of our evolution to alert us to the slightest sound or threat, in today’s modern world where we no longer need to be alert to the snap of a twig, this added resonance is loading us with unnecessary stress. Wear them and feel calmer in the most natural way.

Experience better sound. Calmer greatly improves the audio quality we hear in any situation by reducing distortion in the human ear. Wear whilst listening to music for a clearer sound, increased definition and an upgraded listening experience.

It really is amazing the change in how I feel when I have Calmer in my ears, it is like when you walk into a certain building and it has that calmness, that tranquil feeling.

It gives me that almost ‘Zen’ sensation and I have also found it easier to meditate when I have Calmer in my ears.

The one size fits all silicone Calmer sits well in my ears and there is no discomfort and even wearing them for a prolonged period.

I can when having a flare up get very irritable and find things uncomfortable but I haven’t had that with Calmer.

Now whilst some people have said that this product has helped them with reducing their tinnitus, this obviously won’t be the case for everyone and Flare Audio don’t claim it is a tinnitus fix.

Flare Audio

The Calmer cost £19.99 from the Flare Audio website

Check out the reviews of Calmer on their website!

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By Zechariah Richardson

Over 50, disabled, husband, father and gramps who reviews products and writes blog posts about his life, beekeeping, gardening and whatever pops into his brain!

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