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Review of Eastwing Grooming Co Mellow Orange Beard Balm

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Review of Eastwing Grooming Co Mellow Orange Beard Balm.

The Eastwing Grooming Co Mellow Orange Beard Balm comes in a 30ml screw top tin and costs £13 from the website.

I mentioned in the review that it said professional beard balm and James Wingate co owner of Eastwing Grooming sent me this;

Just for your information the reason we class ourselves as a professional range is due to the amazing team we have advising us.

Our blends are made by our Herbalist Shelley who has worked with natural ingredients within her own natural remedies company for over 25 years. She is also one of the board members and advisor to the National Institute of Medical Herbalists. She has more qualifications than I have wall space in the office and is the cornerstone of the company.

Our products are also designed with the assistance of our fully qualified Aromatherapist Socha who knows all things oils. She has spent over 15 years working in aromatherapy for Shelley’s company, and is the first person we seek advice from when designing a new blend.

Hope that helps give you a bit of a better understanding about us as we’re trying to stand out amongst the crowd as a serious & professional contender when it comes to men’s grooming.

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