I was sent some of the CB12 mouthwash.

Fortunately I have the breath of an angel, well maybe that is an overstatement but I don’t suffer from really bad breath, however and I may get in trouble for this! My wife has the breath of Satan’s hound!

I hadn’t heard of CB12 but my wife and daughter had and they were eager to try it.

Review of CB12 Mouthwash

It says it is a Patented formula with clinically proven 12-hour breath neutralising effect and I admit that I was doubtful but as Harry Hill said….”There is only one way to find out!”

Suggested use: Rinse with 10 ml for 30 to 60 sec in the morning or evening to enjoy pleasant breath for 12 hours. For a 24-hour effect, rinse morning and evening. CB12 Mouthwash is recommended for daily use from the age of 12.

My wife and daughter both used it and the next morning I turned to my wife and said “breathe on me”and she wasn’t keen but eventually I managed to persuade her and ………………….. It works!

Yes it really does work!

My daughter smokes and yes I am disappointed but she is 25 and so I guess it is her decision. Anyway, she went out for a cigarette a couple of hours after using the mouthwash and she came in looking unhappy! The CB12 had even affected her smoking enjoyment, she said that when she inhaled it didn’t taste like it should, it had neutralised the taste of the smoke!!!

CB12 mouthwash ensures pleasant breath for longer by neutralising odorous breath instead of just masking it for a short while. Its patented formula is clinically proven to have a 12-hour effect13, and in addition it also includes fluoride, an ingredient proven to strengthen your teeth with daily use14, 18.


13 Seemann R., Filippi A., Michaelis S. , et al. Duration of effect of the mouthwash CB12 for the treatment of intra-oral halitosis: a double-blind, randomized, controlled trial. J. Breath Res. (2016) 10: 036002.

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19 Data on file.

The CB12 is available from Amazon in 50 ml, 250 ml, 1000 ml sizes and also available in Mild and White.

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