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Review of Beardster New World Beard Oil

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Review of Beardster New World Beard Oil.

This is the third of the Beardster beard oils that I have used, like the other three oils the New World beard oil has left my beard feeling softer.

The oil is a blend of Jojoba, Argan, Sweet Almond, Castor & Vitamin E oils and the addition of the Castor oil has given the Beardster beard oils a slightly thicker consistency. This is something that I really like and in my opinion, there are a few other oils on the market that could benefit from having a thicker consistency.

The New World scent is a blend of Lime & Ylang Ylang essential oils, the blend has created afresh and floral scent. I am one of many who get the scent of burnt rubber from Ylang Ylang, however in this blend I am not picking that up at all!

The Beardster New World Beard Oil comes in a 10ml bottle with a pump top to dispense the oil, I personally am not keen on this method of dispensing the oils but I have to admit that it is preferable over the drip stops that drive me mad.

So all in all this is a nice beard oil, it isn’t among the best that I have tried but you wouldn’t be disappointed with it.


The Beardster New World Beard Oil comes in a 10ml bottle with a pump applicator and costs £8.00 from the website.

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The Beardster beard oils are also available in the following scents;

Chai Lemon – Lemongrass, Tea Tree & Benzoin

Old Love – Sandalwood and Benzoin

Original – Unscented

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