I have been sent some NZ Sock Co ‘LifeSocks’ from designed2enable that promote healthy circulation.

I know the circulation in my legs is bad, but I have never really tried anything to help and I hate the white NHS compression socks/stockings which also hurt after wearing them for any length of time. I am also not a sock person, in fact when I did that walking trick, I loved to be bare foot as much of the time as I could.

Since the NZ Sock Co ‘LifeSocks’ from Designed2Enable arrived, they have been on my feet almost all of the time. It isn’t like wearing normal socks, my feet are warm but not over warm and my feet don’t sweat. Without a doubt the pain in my feet has gone down a few notches since wearing the LifeSocks and this must be down to improving my circulation.


The comfort is down to many of the design features, for a start they are seamless and so very very comfortable, the socks stay up which is a rare thing in the sock world and as I said best of all, my feet are warm but not sweaty and so I am even able to wear them in bed without having to remove them during the night because my feet are too hot.

LifeSocks are great for everyday use but especially useful to people with poor circulation, diabetes and would even help on those long haul flights where we are more at risk of developing blood clots whilst being seated for long.

  • Warm, safe effective cushioning protection
  • Easy slide-on, non-constrictive hosiery
  • Adapt to the individual shape of the foot
  • An environment which discourages skin-contamination
  • Assist in providing a bacteriostatic environment
  • Breathable natural fibres for ideal temperature and moisture control
  • 55% Merino Wool
  • 29% Nylon
  • 8% Elastic
  • 8% Sea-cell
  • Mid calf height
  More information can be found here

I never imagined that I would enjoy wearing socks, I also didn’t realise just how much LifeSocks would help me. I am a full time wheelchair user and I am not very active and so the atrophy (muscle wastage) is now becoming very bad. So not moving my legs and having wasted muscles means that circulation is a big problem. My feet get extremely cold and painful. However now thanks to LifeSocks, those problems have been reduced!

NZ Sock Co ‘LifeSocks’ from Designed2Enable are available in two sizes Medium UK 5-7/EUR 38/41 or Large UK 8-10.5/EUR 42-45 and in three colour options: Black, Kalamata (olive/brown) and String (natural). They cost £16.50 from the designed2enable website


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Whether through ageing, chronic illness or disability, we will all at some point in our lives need a little extra help with daily living.


We recognise that no-one wants to use something that has a medical look to it and we passionately believe that mobility aids should enhance our lives in more ways than one.

We therefore source products that are not only functional, but beautiful too – many of which are award winning, enabling you to stay active with style.

Our product range includes: designer walking sticks and canes, stylish pill boxes and organisers, rollators and walkers, modern and contemporary bathroom grab rails, shower seats and shower stools, ergonomic gardening tools, seating, bedding, rehabilitation devices and much more.

By Zechariah Richardson

Over 50, disabled, husband, father and gramps who reviews products and writes blog posts about his life, beekeeping, gardening and whatever pops into his brain!

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