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Review: Mr Sunnah Wooden Beard Combs

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I was sent three wooden beard combs from Mr Sunnah who sells beard oil and combs, it’s okay you’re not imagining things, yes I have written a review before for these combs but I was contacted by Mr Sunnah and informed that they weren’t as described and so I have had to start again.

The combs were originally advertised as Sandalwood combs and that isn’t correct and so the review has been deleted and I thought it should be mentioned.

Mr Sunnah two sided beard comb
Two sided Beard Comb

First up we have the Mr Sunnah Two Sided Beard comb, this is my favourite out of the three combs. On one side it has very wide teeth which is good for a larger beard that is often tangled. The other side is a very fine toothed comb that wasn’t much use through my beard but was good for my moustache. It also is the best looking and seem the best quality of the three combs.

The wooden comb which is laser engraved with Mr Sunnah is the perfect size to fit in a pocket and so would be a good choice of comb. It is priced at £5.99 on the Mr Sunnah website

Mr Sunnah Beard Comb

Next up is a fairly standard shaped beard comb, I have used one of this type before and again I quite like them. The nice thing about an unfinished comb like this is that over time the oils you use will soak into the comb, this protects the wood but the comb also looks better over time.

The comb is laser engraved and the comb has been sanded very well, the last thing you need is a comb that catches and rips out beard hair and that isn’t an issue here. This comb costs £4.99 from the website.

Mr Sunnah Long Beard Comb

Last but not least is the Mr Sunnah Long Beard comb, the one I received isn’t perfectly straight. If you look at the edge of the teeth it isn’t perfectly safe but it hasn’t made any difference whilst using it.

Mr Sunnah Long Wooden Comb teeth.

This comb is a good tool to have in your beard care kit, it is longer but would still fit in a jacket pocket. It costs £3.99 from the Mr Sunnah website.

What is good about these combs is the price, they are a nice cheap option that won’t break the bank and will keep your beard looking good.


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