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Review: Mr Sunnah ‘Sensation’ Beard Oil

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Mr Sunnah ‘Sensation’ Beard Oil has a different base oil to the other Mr Sunnah beard oils, also the scent is a fragrance and not a blend of essential oils.

I always try to pick out the individual scents in an oil, I am quite good at it, my wife is even better and we try to do it without first reading what is used. The Mr Sunnah ‘Sensation’ Beard Oil has a cologne like scent and impossible to pick out a scent and that is because as I said unlike the other Mr Sunnah beard oils the scent in ‘Sensation’ is from fragrance oils.

The base is also different from the other oils, it is a blend of Olive oil, Argan oil, Black seed oil, Jojoba oil and Vitamin E oil and is a thinner consistency than the other oils. This is not a bad blend, initially my beard felt softer but I did need to add some more oil to my beard mid way through the day as my beard felt dry.

Personally I prefer the use of essential oils to scent beard care, fragrance oils have a higher risk of allergies being triggered and I just prefer all natural products. Also sometimes the fragrance oils can give products a bit of a generic aroma.

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The Mr Sunnah ‘Sensation’ Beard Oil is available in four sizes, a 5ml for £3.50, 10ml for £6.99, 30ml for £16.99 and a whopping 50ml for £25 all available on the website.

The Beard oil is also available in the following scents


Sandalwood & Frankincense

Black Pepper

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