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Review: Mr Sunnah ‘Sandalwood & Frankincense’ Beard Oil

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Mr Sunnah ‘Sandalwood & Frankincense’ Beard Oil has a nice thick consistency which you don’t often get in beard oils, I actually like a heavier beard oil as it keeps my beard looking tidier.

I received four oils for test and review but I just had to use the Sandalwood & Frankincense beard oil first, I love both of those scents and so I hoped the combination would be a winner. The scent is in fact very nicely blended, the Sandalwood is the first scent that you smell and behind that the Frankincense. This as you can imagine creates a very warm and exotic aroma, that is warm, slightly woodsy and has a sweetness to it.

As I said in the opening paragraph, Mr Sunnah ‘Sandalwood & Frankincense’ Beard Oil has a thicker consistency than most beard oils, I have had an oil like that before and for me its ideal. The base is a mix of Jojoba, Sweet almond and Castor carrier oils and its obviously the Castor oil that gives this beard oil it’s thicker consistency.

After washing my beard I brushed it with a boars hair brush and applied some  of the Mr Sunnah ‘Sandalwood & Frankincense’ Beard Oil. Despite its heavier consistency it still worked into my beard easily and gave it a nice hold because of its consistency, my beard felt soft and looked good. I did however have to apply some more and give my beard a brush mid afternoon as my beard felt dry, a shame but this was remedied by reapplication.

Mr Sunnah ‘Sandalwood & Frankincense’ Beard Oil is available from their website and is available in 10ml for £6.99 or 30ml for £16.99.

The Beard oil is also available in the following scents

Black Pepper




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