Like the previous beard oils from this brand Mr Sunnah ‘Black Pepper’ Beard Oil has a thicker consistency than many beard oils.

I have tested a few beard oils that have contained black pepper essential oil, at first I was very unsure but black pepper is actually very nice, its warm and of course it goes without saying, it’s peppery! The Mr Sunnah ‘Black Pepper’ Beard Oil doesn’t have a real deep warmth but does have that peppery element to it which is a shame.

As I said the Mr Sunnah ‘Black Pepper’ Beard Oil has a heavy consistency, the base oil is made up from Jojoba, Sweet Almond and Castor oil. These oils are not just beneficial to your beard hair leaving it nourished and less likely to get split ends, it also has benefits for the skin under the beard and will keep the skin moisturised helping to prevent dry skin, the dreaded itch and spots/acne.

The thicker consistency helps to keep the beard hair looking good by providing some hold. The oil also leaves the beard hair feeling softer and gives it a healthy sheen,

The Mr Sunnah ‘Black Pepper’ Beard Oil comes in a glass bottle with a glass dropper and is available in two sizes, 10ml for £6.99 and 30ml for £16.99 from the website.

The Beard oil is also available in the following scents


Sandalwood & Frankincense



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By Zechariah Richardson

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