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Review: Mr Masey’s ‘Mandarin & Sweet Orange’ Brilliant Beard Oil

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I have seen the Mr Masey’s brand on Instagram but until now I hadn’t had the chance to test any of their products, that was until Roni sent me a bottle of the Mr Masey’s ‘Mandarin & Sweet Orange’ Brilliant Beard Oil.

Now as the saying goes, this was a game of two halves!

The scent is incredible, Sweet Orange is very nice but Mandarin is just incredible and the blend of the two together is just perfect! The strength of the essential oils is also perfect, a real burst of citrus freshness that left my beard smelling bloody amazing.

The base for this blend is Grapeseed & Vitamin E carrier oils and initially my beard felt soft and I was thinking that this Beard oil was so good that it could be worthy of the Golden Beard Award. However a couple of hours later my beard felt very dry and my heart sank!

This is obviously because of the basic base oil blend and what a shame. If this had the addition of one or two more well chosen carrier oils, it could be amazing but alas it was not meant to be.

Mr Masey's

The Mr Masey’s ‘Mandarin & Sweet Orange’ Brilliant Beard Oil comes in a 30ml dark blue glass bottle with a glass pipette to dispense the oil and costs £13 from their website and at the following stores.



Mr. Masey’s Market Stall


Kensington Gardens, Brighton.

Mon – Sat // 10am – 6pm

​Sunday // 11am – 4pm

Merlin & Ellis

Snooper’s Paradise, Brighton.

Mon – Sun // 10am – 5pm

Quirk Cards

Church Place, Kemp Town, Brighton. BN2 5JN

Mon – Sat // 9am – 5.30pm

Crowns Hairdressers

Kensington Gardens,  Brighton.

Mon – Sat // 9am – 5pm

Sid Sottung Academy

265 Mansfield Road, Nottingham. NG1 4HJ

Mon – Sat // 9am – 7pm

Infinity Foods

25 North Road, Brighton. BN1 1YA

Mon – Sat // 9.30am – 6pm

Sun // 10am – 5pm


The Barber’s Arms

9a Manchester Street, Brighton. BN2 1TF

01273 628241 (call for opening hours)

The Barber Club

4 Bartholomews, Brighton

Mon – Fri // 9am – 8pm

Sat // 9am – 6pm

Sun // 11am – 4pm



Wee Rebel Barbers

101 Union Street, Glasgow. G1 3TA

 Mon – Sat // 9am – 7pm (8pm Thurs)

Sun // 12pm – 5pm


Plaza Mojàcar

Calle Indalo, Mojàcar, Spain.

Open from 10am daily


Barbe & M

11 Avenue Voltaire, 78260 Acheres, France.

Open Daily

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2 thoughts on “Review: Mr Masey’s ‘Mandarin & Sweet Orange’ Brilliant Beard Oil

  1. Hello

    Just to say that grapeseed carrier oil is one of only two oils that is easily absorbed by the hair shaft. The other is macadamia nut which we don’t use as too many people have nut allergies.

    We decided to avoid all the other carrier oils because they tend to sit on the hair shaft which makes for an oily beard. We use heaps of natural vitamin E oil even though this is very expensive, because it’s great for the skin beneath the beard.

    We’ve never had any feedback that our oils make for a dry beard. Our best guess is that the beard hair absorbed the oil like it should and maybe more oil was needed if you wanted a more oily beard?

    All the best

    Neil Masey

    1. I use the same amount of oil on my beard with every oil, that way you get a feel of how each product makes the beard feel. Roni who sent me the oil reported that his beard felt dry after a few hours.
      Of course different hair types react differently to the products and I can only review on how it was with my beard.
      The scent is incredible and for me perfect.

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