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Review: Merry Band Beard Oil ‘Bold & Crisp’ Beard Oil

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Occasionally along comes something special, a product that leaves you wanting to shout about it to every bearded guy. That is exactly what Merry Band Beard Oil ‘Bold & Crisp’ is, you can just tell almost straight away and my beard has felt amazing for the for the past three days. So I guess it’s no surprise that I’m giving this the Golden Beard Award.

Golden Beard Award
Golden Beard Award

Merry Band Beard Oil ‘Bold & Crisp’ is, well it’s literally that, it is bold and crisp! The website says it’s ‘A big dose of peppermint sits alongside the aromas of atlas cedar, medicinal rosemary & a floral hint of geranium with a tiny touch of lavender’.

The essential oils have been perfectly blended, the individual scents all work together rather than being jumbled and all vying to be the biggest scent and this is what helps to make a good beard oil great and it ! The oil is so fresh and slightly woodsy and the floral scent of the Geranium finishes it off perfectly.

The base is made up of Moroccan Argan Oil, Grapeseed Oil & Natural Vitamin E and my beard has felt so soft and I mean incredibly soft and so using this oil has been a joy to test.

I like the small brands, nine times out of ten it is those small set ups that produce the best products.

Merry Band Beard Oil ‘Bold & Crisp’ is available in 10ml for £6.49 and 30ml for £12.99 from the Merry Band Beard Oil their Etsy shop

Established in 2014 by Artist/Designer Tom Rowlinson Merry Band Beard Oils have since been used by gents all across the globe!

The recipes are all meticulously developed using fine ingredients with a great deal of trial & error until they’re just perfect! The levels of each carrier oil in the blend is extremely important to ensure that the final product can be absorbed by the beard and provide the essential conditioning that it needs!

Since day one the feedback both locally & online has been fantastic and we’ve been widely regarded as a premium yet affordable brand. 

All the cosmetics are made by hand in small batches so you can be sure of receiving a fresh finely crafted product. 

You can keep up to date with Merry Band Beard Oil on Facebook and Instagram.

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