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Review: Magpie Hill Soap ‘Black Pepper’ Soap

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I have tested and reviewed quite a few soaps as part of the beard care reviews that I have been doing since 2015 and after using some handmade soaps from Magpie Hill Soaps, I have decided to add a new category outside of the beard care reviews just for soap.

I got to know Rhian who is the talent behind Magpie Hill Soap when she started making beard oil and asked me to review them. I then got to try her beard soap and was very impressed as I was with the oils.

We purchased a couple of her soap gift sets for mother’s day and I saw the ‘Black Pepper’ soap and knew that I had to try it. I had previously used the ‘Sweet Orange & Peppermint’ soap (review coming soon) and since then I have never used shower gel and yes I do realise I should have reviewed that first!

First off I couldn’t believe how much lather this soap produced, if the Essex tap water was any harder it would be the landlord of the Queen Vic pub and hard water does reduce the amount of lather you get from soaps and shampoos, but not with this soap and I underestimated it and was covered in lather. It also  rinsed off easily and left my skin feeling soft and didn’t flare up my sensitive skin ( I know, I look like a sensitive soul).

Magpie Hill Soap 'Black Pepper' Soap

The warmth from Black Pepper is amazing and please don’t worry, there was no bum tingling effect from the pepper, well I say don’t worry, that may be your thing and if so, it’s not happening with this soap!

I was very lucky to be shown the process of making soap, Rhian was making a batch a while back and I sat down with a cuppa, well I’m always sat down but you know what I mean…and Rhian showed me all the steps and told me what was involved via Messenger and I must say, I was fascinated as I didn’t realise what was involved.

Here is a link to the ingredients and the explanation of why they are used

I have sensitive skin (awww bless) and so I feel better and my skin is better since using these soaps that are all natural and handmade. I also feel better knowing that it is from a small business and not a massive faceless corporation.

Rhian used to make her soaps in her kitchen and it was filled with baskets of curing soaps, but she has recently moved into her very own little soap workshop that is situated next to her house on the windy Shropshire Hills where she can often be found looking like a mad scientist and screaming at her laptop!

Safety assesed soap

Now one thing I do need to mention is the assessments, Rhian has all of her products safety assessed and they are all certified and that lets you know that the soaps are safe and that they don’t contain anything that is going to melt your skin or leave you with a bum like a baboon!

The ‘Black Pepper’ soap is available from the Magpie Hill Soap website for £3.50 as are all the soaps except for the baby soap which is £4.00 and that I think is a very good price.

The other Artisan soaps available are:

  • Lime & Patchouli
  • Lemon & Eucalyptus
  • Juniperberry & Sage
  • Lavender
  • Sweet Orange & Peppermint
  • Chocolate
  • Honey & Oatmeal
  • Sandalwood & Cedarwood
  • Plain & Simple

Now you can have the best product out there but you also need to have good customer service and Rhian has that by the bucket load. So I can without any worries highly recommend Magpie Hill Soap.

You can also buy as I said some soap gift sets that our mums loved and Magpie Hill also sells some very nice natural soap dishes.

You can keep up to date with Magpie Hill Soap on Twitter and Facebook

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