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Review: Little Tree ‘Almond’ Soap

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The postman knocked and I wheeled up to open the door and was handed a padded envelope, it was the Little Tree ‘Almond’ Soap, now I am like a little kid (called being a man) and so I opened it as soon as the door was closed and BOOM! The scent of almonds burst out of the envelope and wow was it good, in fact I sat there just smelling the soap like my dog saying hello to the female Yorkshire Terrier over the road.

Little Tree 'Almond' Soap

Little Tree is made by Tracey who lives on the Isle of Man an island that sits in the Irish sea in between Scotland, England, Wales and Ireland and is known for its TT races, its Three legged emblem and cats with no tails. However I think it also should also be known for the best smelling soap I have ever used!

Little Tree 'Almond' Soap

It is made using the cold process the Little Tree ‘Almond’ Soap contains Saponified Olive oil, Coconut oil, Sustainably sourced Palm oil, Apricot kernel oil, Glycerine, Water, Shea butter, Castor oil, Oats, Parfum, Kaolin, Rosemary extract and some colouring for the fancy swirl.

Little Tree 'Almond' Soap

I started testing soap as part of testing beard care products and a product that is made using natural ingredients is important as us hairy chaps are rather fussy when it comes to caring for our beards. However this then made me realise that I actually didn’t like the shower gels that are mass made and contain ingredients that read like car number plates and I started using handmade soap!

Little Tree 'Almond' Soap

So I used the soap on my beard and my body and the scent of almond once again flooded out and I love it. The soap lathers very well and that is even in the hard Essex tap water. The lather is rich and creamy and rinses off very easily leaving my skin and my beard feeling rather soft and I know the addition of oats helps with that as my daughter has eczema and we used to hang a bag of oats under the tap when we ran her baths to help.

So I recommend this not only as a hand and body soap but also a beard soap, don’t worry the swirly pretty bit wont leave you looking like you have used beard glitter!

The Little Tree ‘Almond’ Soap weighs in at 70g and costs £4 from the website which I think is very good for a product of this quality, if you bought something like this on the high street, it would be probably at least double! The soaps are assessed and certified and the labels carry all the relevant info that is required.

The soaps are also available as

Also available are a range of bath bombs

About Little Tree Soaps

Hello! I’m Tracey. I live in the beautiful Isle of Man (in the middle of the Irish Sea – between England and Ireland – NOT the Isle of Wight at the bottom of England! Good – we’ve got that sorted!).

Little Tree Soaps is my little handmade soap and bath bomb business that I started in 2015.

How did I get into making soap? Well – quite a few years ago I happened to be leafing through a magazine at the hairdressers when I came across an article about a lady who’d started a hand-made soap business after finding an old soap recipe book. I found it really interesting as before then I hadn’t realised that you could make hand-made soap. I just thought it was produced en masses in a factory. In fact I am of the generation that was told that soap was the worst thing you could use to wash your face! I was struck with the creative process and the control of what you could put in the soap to make something completely compatible and beneficial for your skin.

So , did I jump straight into making soap? NO! I went on massive hunt for information. I read books, watched youtube videos, and took load and loads of notes. Eventually I decided to buy a soapmaking kit – all the ingredients arrive in a box with instructions. My first attempt was a slight disaster as the soap batter volcanoed out of the mould all over the work top! However I was hooked!

I have learned a lot since that day. Yes – more research! I love being able to know exactly what goes into each bar of soap, and choosing additives to meet different skin needs. I now make small hand-made batches in my home using my own unique blend of oils, butters, essential oils and botanicals to help leave your skin nourishingly soft. I make some bars with local creamy Manx goats milk which is amazing for all skin types but especially for dry, sensitive skin.

All making, cutting, stamping, packaging and printing is done by my own fair hands.

Although best used when fresh, if storing your soap – put it somewhere dry and cool – like your undies drawer!

All soaps have to be have a certified safety assessment (as they are classed as cosmetics) from a specialist independent cosmetic assessor and comply with EU regulations regarding labelling and registering.

You can keep up to date with Little Tree Soaps on Facebook and Instagram

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