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Almost a year ago I wrote about how hard water can affect your beard, basically the hard water causes the scale like structure (as below) to stand out and so your beard tangles more. Also the soaps and shampoo’s dont lather as much in hard water.

The Essex tap water is harder than Conor McGregor, but it appears that I have found a solution and that solution is an Ionic Filter Spa Shower Head.

This wasn’t purchased because of trying to make my beard softer, our shower head leaked from everywhere but where it was meant to and this was on offer.

I first noticed it when I used some of the Magpie Hill ‘Black Pepper’ Soap and I was shocked at how much lather was produced, I just thought that this particular soap was the king of lather but when I used it at the sink, even though it still lathered very well, there wasn’t nearly as much!

The shower has a series of compartments that contain this mineral balls and this according to the description:

Removes chlorine and harmful chemicals,toxins,heavy metals,bacteria,pesticides,rust and odor from your shower water. Helps restore healthier and smoother skin, softer and stronger hair. Keep water’s pH Balance. All-natural Bio-active Stones provide Eco-pure Water Filtration to remove chlorine,heavy metals,impurities and bacteria. Negative Ion technology softens and purifies shower water to eliminate dry,flaky skin.

Now of course a lot of products claim a lot of things, the first thing we noticed was the increased pressure and I mean increased a lot, its like a pressure wash. It actually took this old boy a while to realise that it was good for his beard hair.

I was initially concerned as the shower head only cost £8 and looked cheap, but I think that is down to the fact that it is clear so that you can see the balls, I am not sure why that matters but there you go. It has also survived my clumsy daughter repeatedly dropping it into the bath!

Don’t forget that this is an easy sell to the wife! “Honey I have seen this and did you know it will make your hair softer and less likely to tangle, it will also give you softer skin”………..and click the link and buy!

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