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Review: Gonzalez Beard Co ‘Gonzo Magic’ Stache Wax

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Gonzalez Beard Co ‘Gonzo Magic’ Stache Wax is a creamy yellow colour and it also has a consistency that reflects that colour, it appears to be more moisturising than other waxes.

The wax has a very fresh scent, Niclas they guy behind the brand has told me the wax is Chocolate and Eucalyptus but I am not getting that scent, it’s almost citrus like but I cant place the scent. There is also nothing else to base it on as the only thing the label says is Gonzo magic Stache Wax.

Gonzalez Beard Company Wax

The Gonzalez Beard Co ‘Gonzo Magic’ Stache Wax is a basic blend containing Beeswax and Coconut oil, but the wax actually doesn’t feel like a basic blend. The wax gave a medium hold to my tash and the smell is very pleasant. So over all it’s an okay wax.

the website is yet to go live and I will publish that when it does happen, the Gonzalez Beard Co ‘Gonzo Magic’ Stache Wax is made in Sweden and comes in what looks like a 20ml tin and costs €10.

I think it’s worth keeping an eye on Gonzalez Beard Company, as their website grows and their product range increases. The labels need some more info but I think it’s all headed in the right direction.

For now you can contact the brand through Instagram

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