Well the first thing I have to mention about Genesee Beard Co ‘Mountaineer’ Beard Oil is that it made my beard feel so much softer than normal! I started awarding a Gold Cup Award to show the very best products, I imagined it would be rarely used but I have tested some amazing products but still its only used if the oil is 100% perfect and that is what Genesee Beard Co ‘Mountaineer’ Beard Oil is and so it gets the Golden Beard!

Golden Beard Award
Golden Beard Award

American Brand Genesee Beard Co is a one man operation and so yet again my belief that the small companies produce the best oils is proved correct.

Genesee Beard Co

Genesee Beard Co ‘Mountaineer’ Beard Oil is 100% natural and is a base of Grapeseed oil, Sweet Almond oil, Jojoba oil and Argan oil into which a blend of essential oils is added to create the ‘Mountaineer’ scent that damn good. ‘Mountaineer’ is a very woodsy and green¬† scent with fresh citrus notes over the top and I think I can actually say that this is one of my favourite woodsy type scents.

I washed my beard and gave it a brush and then applied some oil that I had warmed in my hands, the scent was sitting perfectly and wasn’t too strong or too weak and the oil turned my wire wool beard soft. The oil was absorbed quickly and left my beard also looking healthy with a slight sheen.

The oils used in this beard oil are chosen to benefit the skin under the beard as well as the beard hair, they will keep your skin moisturised and help to prevent dry and itchy skin and even help to prevent spots. The oils will keep the beard hair nourished and promote strong healthy growth and help to prevent split ends.

If you are in America and you are looking for an oil for your beard, well Genesee beard Co is well worth a look. Genesee Beard Co ‘Mountaineer’ Beard Oil comes in a 30ml glass bottle with a glass dropper to dispense the oil which is what I prefer with oil. This is very well priced at $12.99 (¬£10.68 at today’s exchange rate) on their website and the Genesee Beard Co oil is also available as

Americano – Intoxicating coffee with a warm cinnamon bit Discontinued

Bootlegger – Spices with light citrus notes and cool bay

Citramint – Refreshing peppermint with citrus hints

Dusk – Deep, warm and exotic with spices and tangerine

June – Fresh fir needle and soothing eucalyptus are complimented by rich grapefruit and a deep woodsy base

Natural – Unscented

Wave – Fresh, bright, floral, cool.

I can relate to the Dave the owner of Genesee Beard Co, like me his beard started life due to trying to save precious energy that was limited due to pain, his diagnosis was that it was caused by Crohn’s disease. He did shave once he was he was on the road to recovery but like everyone who does this, he realised he had made a mistake and Genesee Beard Co was eventually born after trying to make his own oils to help his beard look and feel better.

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