Genesee Beard Co ‘Bootlegger’ Beard Oil is as the name implies a Bay Rum scented beard oil, made from 100% natural ingredients and made in small batches.

Genesee Beard Co 'Bootlegger' Beard Oil

I have just finished using the Genesee Beard Co ‘Bootlegger’ Beard Oil, I had previously reviewed their ‘Mountaineer‘ Beard Oil and so I knew the base oil would be good, so this was just about the scent.

I have to admit and this won’t be surprise if you have read my reviews before, I am not a fan of the Bay Rum scented oils. It’s the Clove notes that put me off, bad childhood memories of toothache and mum insisting I put cotton wool soaked in Clove oil next to the tooth.

However the idea of a review is to give you an idea what the product is like and many of you love the Bay Rum scented products. Genesee Beard Co describe Bootlegger as Spices with light citrus notes and cool bay, now beside the Clove, there is a light Citrus freshness and you certainly get that spicy background. If you like the Bay Rum scented oils then this is a very nicely put together Bay Rum aroma.

The base of the Genesee Beard Co ‘Bootlegger’ Beard Oil is a blend of  Grapeseed, Sweet Almond, Jojoba and Argan carrier oils and just like the Mountaineer beard oil, Bootlegger left my beard feeling softer and looking good. The oil is very quickly absorbed into the beard hair and my beard wasn’t left feeling greasy, just soft with a healthy sheen. Of course these carrier oils will also keep the skin under the beard in good condition and this helps to promote strong and healthy beard growth and helps to prevent dry skin and beard itch.

It’s obvious that Dave who is the bearded guy behind Genesee Beard Co, knows what he is doing and what he is doing is producing some very nice Beard oil. Yes this scent isn’t my cup of tea, but I can still appreciate the oil, the base is damn good and does exactly what you want from a beard oil.

Genesee Beard Co ‘Bootlegger’ Beard Oil comes in a 30ml glass bottle with a glass dropper for dispensing the oil, it costs $12.99 on the Genesee Beard Co website and the beard oils are also available in the following scents.

Mountaineer – Deep and woodsy with a light citrus top

Citramint – Refreshing peppermint with citrus hints

Dusk – Deep, warm and exotic with spices and tangerine

June – Fresh fir needle and soothing eucalyptus are complimented by rich grapefruit and a deep woodsy base

Natural – Unscented

Wave – Fresh, bright, floral, cool.

Genesee Beard Co Tee

Genesee beard Co also sells Beard Balm, Beard Wash, Scissors, combs and a range of Apparel

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By Zechariah Richardson

Over 50, disabled, husband, father and gramps who reviews products and writes blog posts about his life, beekeeping, gardening and whatever pops into his brain!

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