Review of the Flare Audio Snoozers ear plugs.

I personally don’t find the Flare Audio Isolates uncomfortable in bed, but some people don’t get on with them.

Flare Audio have now brought out the Snoozers which are the same aluminium core but double ended foam for more comfort.

Flare Audio Snoozers ear plugs

This then protects your ears from the metal that can press into the ear when sleeping using the Flare Audio Isolates.

As with the Isolates, the Flare Audio Snoozers are great for blocking out unwanted sounds, we had a gas main being laid up the road to us and I was being woken early, I am a miserable old git anyway and adding in an early morning isn’t going to help this.

I used the Snoozers and managed to not be woken up by the noise of the machinery tearing away at the road and so I was very impressed.

Flare Audio Snoozers

The Flare Audio Snoozers cost £29.99 from the website.

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By Zechariah Richardson

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