The Flare Audio Isolate Ear Plugs have finally ended my search for ear plugs that do what they are meant to, the cheap foam ear plugs and even the silicone offerings just didn’t block the sound out as advertised.

Flare Audio Isolate and Isolate Mini

I received a pair of the Flare Audio Isolate and Isolate Mini’s for review.

They are packaged in a foil like pouch that you tear to open with a resealable zip lock top, inside there are a further four pouches of the same design. In the Isolate the pouches contain the aluminium core and small, medium and large earfoams that seal the earplugs in your ear canal. The Isolate Mini comes with earfoams in extra small, small and medium.

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What makes the Flare Audio Isolate ear plugs so different is that the core is aluminium. I have used ear plugs when working in aircraft maintenance hangars but they were the disposable foam type and I always found them uncomfortable and they didn’t block the sound out properly, it was just a muffled deeper sound.

I no longer work in an environment that requires ear plugs, I have been unable to work since having an accident and I am now in pain 24/7. When I am having a flare up I become hypersensitive to sound, smell and light or as my wife says, I become a grumpy old git. I also have a grandson who is almost three and a six month old granddaughter and so sometimes it’s difficult.

I placed the Flare Audio Isolate’s in with the medium earfoams and suddenly my family was bearable and yes if my wife reads that, I am in trouble. However in all seriousness, I couldn’t believe how much sound was blocked out, the Isolate ear plugs stop sound entering the ear canal and reduce sound to a level I have never experienced with ear plugs before. However you can still communicate as you hear sound through bone conduction and it is literally like taking your television from volume 24 down to 2!

That night I sat in bed reading with the Isolates in, the intention was to read but suddenly I realised I could hear my heart beating, it was like listening to it through a stethoscope and I sat there just listening to it.

Flare Audio

Flare Audio Isolate

The standard Isolate ear plugs cores have a diameter of 8.5mm and the stem where the earfoams attach is 4mm and they weigh 2.17g. They are available as plain aluminium, Black, Blue, Red, Purple, Green and Yellow.

Flare Audio Isolate Mini

The Isolate Mini’s have a diameter of 7mm and the stem is 2.5mm and they weigh 2.16g The Mini’s are only available in plain Aluminium, Black, Denim Blue and Silver Pink.

Isolate Pro

The Isolate and Isolate Mini are also available in Titanium.

The verdict

I highly recommend these ear plugs, whether you work in an environment that requires ear plugs or you just want to block out the noise during your commute. If like me you are what we call a spoonie, that is someone with a chronic health condition, these ear plugs will be very helpful, we only have a certain amount of energy before we crash and by blocking out sound to this level, the brain fog doesn’t descend so quickly and if it does, well you can relax in silence.

Sleeping isn’t a problem with the Isolate ear plugs, I didn’t feel any discomfort wearing them in bed and as they are available in a smaller size, it means those of you with smaller ear canals will also be comfortable.

The Flare Audio Isolate ear plugs are available from their website or from Amazon The Isolate and the Mini’s are £24.99 and the Isolate pro in titanium are £49.99.

Flares Pro

You can also get Flares Pro that combine the sound blocking ability of the Isolates with the latest in earphone technology. They can be used wireless using bluetooth or plugged in to a 3.5mm jack and they cost £349 from the website although currently they are available at £55.99 from the website.

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By Zechariah Richardson

Over 50, disabled, husband, father and gramps who reviews products and writes blog posts about his life, beekeeping, gardening and whatever pops into his brain!

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