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Review: Fellows For Him ‘Coconut & Lime’ Beard & Hair Shampoo

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I have been using the Fellows For Him ‘Coconut & Lime’ Beard & Hair Shampoo, the scent is amazing and reminds me of being on holiday covered in sun tan lotion (sorry for the hideous image now in your head).

The Fellows For Him ‘Coconut & Lime’ Beard & Hair Shampoo has a green gel like appearance and comes in a plastic bottle with a flip lid.

I squirted some into my hand and rubbed it into my wet beard, I actually received the slightest lather from the shampoo and I guess that this is partly down to the hard Essex tap water, although I have had other shampoos and soaps produce lather but it is harder but in this type of water. This is also because the shampoo does not contain any synthetic foaming agents.

The shampoo did leave my beard feeling clean removing the balm and wax, it does just feel strange to not get that lather when washing it. Fellows say that the 100g shampoo should last 50 days if used every other day, but I recommend washing your beard twice a week, I wash mine every three days and so the shampoo would last quite a while and so is great value.

The Coconut & Lime scent is very nice and as I said is reminiscent of sun tan oil but with the addition of the freshness of Lime.

I don’t think that this would be a shampoo I would use, the scent is nice but the lack of lather makes it feels like I am not getting a good wash, however it’s not a shampoo that I would leave in a drawer if it was given as a gift.

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The Fellows For Him ‘Coconut & Lime’ Beard & Hair Shampoo is very well priced and comes in two sizes, the 100g/3.52 oz bottle is £3.95 and the 250g/8.81 oz is £8.95 from the Fellows website.

The shampoos are also available as

Arctic Blast – contains Spearmint, Tea Tree, Thyme

Autumn Warmth – contains Rosewood, Patchouli, Black Pepper, Cedarwood oils

Citrus Forest – contains Pine, Lime, Cedarwood, Sandalwood Amyris oils

Fruit Twist – contains Grapefruit, Sweet Orange, Lemon, Lime oils

Vanilla Cream – Created from parfum

Vanilla Latte – Created from parfum

They are also available as a Beard & Hair Conditioner for use after the shampoo.

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Fellows For Him added this to my review share on Instagram

Hey thanks for the review Zec! We love the scent ourselves. Can’t wait to read what you have to say about our other oils 😀I’d just like to explain a little further about our shampoo. The foaming is all based on the natural oil content and as you say, will vary from water type, here in the Midlands we get a decent foam. That being said, the shampoo is based on the. basic science of soap. We use Aloe Vera and other organic oils as our base. The cells have two tails where one side of the cell is attracted to dirt and grease and the other half is attracted to water. When applied they will attach to the grease and grime in your hair (natural sebum oil etc) when it then comes to rinsing the other side of the cell attaches to water where it then pulls the grease away from the body/hair as it is washed away. Naturally, soaps will foam due to the use of harder/thicker oils but not to the standards of today’s shampoo. Today’s belief is that the more it foams the better the product, sadly that’s not the case, bubbles are simply pockets of air activated by a synthetic ingredient such as SLES or SLS. We based our shampoo on cleansing, a true product that is based on the science of getting clean for all skin types (foaming agents can irritate). This is why we say it can be used every other day, it is gentle and doesn’t strip the hair or beard with harsh chemicals. Again thank so much for the review!

2 thoughts on “Review: Fellows For Him ‘Coconut & Lime’ Beard & Hair Shampoo

  1. Brother Zec,
    I ordered this beard soap a few weeks back when you posted that they were have a sale. Most soaps I have found not to deep clean my beard as well as this one. So thanks for your post! As for the lather….must be your water because it lathers up quite well, or maybe its just the fresh mountain water we have here in Bavaria! It works great on your hair also!
    Enjoy reading your blog! Good day!

    1. Yep in soft water areas you get a lot more lather and actually don’t need to use as much soap, shampoo or laundry detergent as we do with hard water.
      It is something I hate and I miss the soft water.

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