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Review: Dead Rugged Beard Care ‘Outlaw’ Beard Oil

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Dead Rugged Beard Care ‘Outlaw’ Beard Oil like the other oils from this brand is of amazing quality and the scent is very green and very woody scent and blended beautifully!

Like all of the Dead Rugged Beard Care oils, ‘Outlaw’ has a base of Hemp seed, Jojoba, Apricot kernel, Grapeseed, Hazelnut and natural Vitamin E carrier oils, this blend is easily absorbed into the beard hair and the skin under the beard and it leaves your beard feeling soft and looking good. Of course it’s not all about the beard hair, this blend of oils will keep the skin under your beard in good condition and help to prevent that dreaded itch and dry skin. It can also help to prevent spots on the skin under the beard.

The scent as I said is very green and woody, just like the smell you get from freshly cut branches and the bark off of a tree. It is created by blending Vetivert, Ho leaf, Caraway and Sandalwood Amyris. It is a natural scent, one that almost takes you back to nature and memories of playing in the woods near where we lived when I was a kid.

What is amazing about this oil and the other oils is the price, the 30ml oil with glass dropper costs a mere £5.99 and yet compares to oils that sell for triple that. ‘Outlaw’ Beard oil is available from the Dead Rugged website along with the other oils, a range of soaps and there is soon to be a beard balm added to the collection.

I can highly recommending the Dead Rugged oils, my favourite has been ‘Yokel’ and I am sure there is an oil to suit everyone’s taste in the range.

The Oils are also available as

  • Bay Rum – West Indies Bay, Lime, Ginger, Sandalwood Amyris, Cinnamon Leaf.
  • City Slicker – Grapefruit, Rosewood, Spearmint, Neroli
  • Yokel – Ylang Ylang, Blackpepper, Frankincense, Mandarin.
  • Dead Original – Unscented

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The Dead Rugged Beard Ethos

Dead rugged is a northeast based beard care brand, established in 2016 by founder Jay Mason. the ethos of dead rugged beard care is pretty simple. Offer high end luxury beard products, without the matching price tag. Jay has spent the past few years using other big branded products and not really being satisfied with the price or the quality so to speak. So further more, decided to take matters into his own hands. Sourcing out only the finest in organic and vegan friendly ingredients, DEAD RUGGED BEARD CARE was born. Here at dead rugged we are very passionate about beards and what we do to better them. Knowing how frustrating it is to grow out an awesome beard while still keeping it looking and feeling healthy. Being bearded is a way of life, in our hope, with some genuine geordie enthusiasm and the quality ingredients we use, YOU can achieve the perfect beard.

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