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Review Dandy & Co ‘Cedarwood & Petitgrain’ Beard Oil

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Review Dandy & Co ‘Cedarwood & Petitgrain’ Beard Oil

The base is a blend of;

  1. Wheatgerm oil – Will help to replace  lost moisture in hair & help to prevent damage.
  2. Grape seed oil – moisturising, conditioning dryhelps to prevent frizz, split ends, and brittle hair.
  3. Dandelion infusion – Nutrient rich and Anti inflammatory properties.
  4. Avocado seed oil – Stimulates blood flow to your hair follicles to stimulate new growth and healthier hair.
  5. Golden jojoba oil – Benefits hair growth by clearing blockages in the hair follicle & helps stop dry skin.
  6. Rosehip seed oil – Give shine to beard hair, helps repair and renewal of damaged hair follicles.
  7. Vitamin E oil – Helps reduce inflammation & repair damage to the follicles, healthy follicles encourage hair growth.
  8. Sea buckthorn -Improves hair health, gives a healthy and natural-looking shine, Maintains moisture in the hair shaft.

The Dandy & Co ‘Cedarwood & Petitgrain’ Beard Oil is available in 10ml for £12 or 30ml for £26 from the website.

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