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Review: The Butter Source ‘Vanilla’ Beard Butter

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EDIT: I have had a lot of messages over the past year from guys who have had issues with getting their order or having problems and getting no response when contacting the brand! A shame as this was one of my favourite products and I have to urge caution with ordering from this brand!

Without a doubt The Butter Source is a product that is like nothing else I have tested and using The Butter Source ‘Vanilla’ Beard Butter has only reaffirmed my view that it is definitely my favourite beard care product.

Superior Product

I tell everyone about it but I also explain that this is not like your normal beard butter, of course when we hear butter we think of that smooth and soft and slippery like consistency. The Butter Source beard butter is different, it has a whipped look, like its light and fluffy and it is. However once you take a small amount and work it in your palms, it becomes heavier, almost a light clay consistency and it is this that makes it so damn good…..

My beard drives me crazy, it is wire like and messy and I favour a firmer balm, The Butter Source ‘Vanilla’ Beard Butter takes care of this and leaves it looking tidy and gives it a nice hold.

Created using Shea Butter, Jojoba Seed Oil, Avocado Oil, Argan Oil, Coconut Oil, Peppermint Leaf Oil, Black Seed Oil and then a blend of essential oils for the scent. I have always said that when looking for beard care, always choose those that are 100% natural and made in small batches and The Butter Source ‘Vanilla’ Beard Butter ticks those boxes.

Of course the worrying thing about recommending a product is if people agree and this The Butter Source has resulted in a lot of feedback from guys who agree.

The Butter Source

The Butter Source ‘Vanilla’ Beard Butter comes in a 150g/5.3oz screw top tin and costs £14.99 from their website.

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