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Review of Beardpilot ‘Romancer’ Beard Balm

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Beardpilot ‘Romancer’ Beard Balm has a floral scent with a slight sweetness and spicy background.

I have learnt something during the test of Beardpilot ‘Romancer’ Beard Balm, it contains an essential oil called Cananga and it’s one I have never heard of. The name would be perfect as a villain in the Bond films “Mr Cananga, I have foiled your plot”. Anyway I digress, Cananga is far from the villain here, it is in fact often used as a substitute for Ylang Ylang. If you have read some of my reviews (I hope you have), then you will know that I am one of a certain amount of people who get the scent of rubber from Ylang Ylang!

I can report that the same can’t be said for Cananga (nope still getting Bond, sorry) and instead I just get a floral scent as I am meant to with the Ylang Ylang. Blended with Nutmeg and Cedarwood this creates the ‘Romancer’ scent and it is very nice indeed.

This is all blended into a Coconut oil, Beeswax, Cocoa butter, Shea butter, Sweet Almond oil, Argan oil and Jojoba oil base and results in a firm beard balm that left my beard looking and feeling good. A decent balm like this made from natural products will not only make your beard look good, it will also protect your beard against the elements. Unfortunately this is a limited edition product and so you will need to get in quick!

Beardpilot ‘Romancer’ Beard Balm comes in a 2oz (60ml) tin and is available from the Beardpilot website for 249KR and is also available as a Beard Oil.

Beardpilot is a brand where the products are consistently of a high quality and I can without hesitation recommend the brand. In fact Beardpilot is one of my top 3 brands!

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