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Review: Beardlab Darwin Beard Butter

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I was confident that Beardlab Darwin Beard Butter was going to be a good product, the previous Beardlab products I have tested have been very good and I wasn’t wrong.

Contained in a 50g glass jar with a screw lid the Beardlab Darwin Beard Butter has a scent that many will recognise. Beardlab say it is the smell of Starburst sweets or if you are old like me, Opal Fruits, I have no idea why they keep changing the names, anyway I won’t start moaning about that.

The Beardlab Darwin Beard Butter scent is actually Blackcurrant oil and Lime Extract and I would not have guessed that in a million years. The scent is nicely done, it is a citrus and fruity scent that isn’t too gentle nor too strong and lasts on the beard.


The base for this scent is made up from organic coconut oil, palm oil, Jojoba wax and peach kernel oil, cocoa butter, avocado butter, bees-wax, palm free vegetable glycerine and vitamin E. It will of course be of no surprise when I say that the beard butter has a light consistency after all, it is a butter and not a balm.

It doesn’t take much of the beard butter worked into your beard to leave it feeling soft and looking really good. It leaves the beard feeling more natural than a balm, which I guess will appeal to quite a few because I often hear guys saying they don’t like a balm because they prefer a more natural feeling beard. I actually like both, I like the natural feel but I really like the hold from a firm balm.

I really like the Beardlab brand, the products have been consistently good and they have a great selection of beard care products, apparel and accessories.


The 50g Beardlab Darwin Beard Butter in the glass jar costs £13.99 from the website or you can purchase the ‘Darwin’ trio of Beard oil, butter and wash or tash wax for £34.97 but it is currently on sale for £26.99.

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