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Review: The Bearded Rapscallion ‘The Racketeer’ Beard Oil

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The Bearded Rapscallion ‘The Racketeer’ Beard Oil has only gone and changed my mind about Clove oil.

I hate Clove, it is the one essential oil that will make me dislike a beard care product instantly and the reason that I am not fond of the pirate named oils. West Indies bay used in those products has Clove notes and so it’s always a no from me.

The Racketeer is a Sweet orange, Wild honey, Clove & Cinnamon scented oil and I instantly caught the clove and hastily I admit, I thought I wouldn’t like it. It was very hasty because the Clove works very well in this blend, in fact I will go as far as to say I think I really like the Clove oil in this beard oil.

I have never attempted to blend essential oils, however from testing over 200 products I realise that it is the part that requires the most skill. Certain brands are known for their perfect blending and it is easily messed up creating a confused scent or a scent where one or two oils are wiping out the rest.

The Bearded Rapscallion ‘The Racketeer’ Beard Oil has a beautiful sweet honey scent with a citrus aroma and the warmth and spicy notes finish it of perfectly and it wouldn’t be the same without that Clove.

I’m a Clove convert!

This blend is in a base of Premium Pressed Argan Oil, Golden Jojoba Oil, Hemp Seed Oil, Sweet Almond Oil and Vitamin E. It is a clear and has a medium consistency and this worked into my beard very easily and left it feeling softer and looking good. These oils will also help to prevent beard itch, dry skin and will help to grow a thicker and stronger beard.
I previously tested The Bearded Rapscallion ‘The Jolly Rascal‘ Beard Balm and again it was a good product, this is a brand with a good range of scents and products you won’t be disappointed with.
They also sell Tattoo and Lobe balms!
The Bearded Rapscallion logo
Of course I have to mention The Bearded Rapscallion’s branding, my posts have resulted in many comments about the branding. So it is nice to be able to report that the products are as good as the branding!
The Bearded Rapscallion ‘The Racketeer’ Beard Oil comes in a glass bottle with a glass dropper and is available in two sizes. The 10ml is £8.00 and the 30ml is £16.00 from the website.
The Oils also come in the following scents;
The Bootlegger – Black Pepper, Benzoin, Clove, Cinnamon & Lime.
The Charlatan – Cedar Wood, Lime & Lemongrass.
The Jolly Rascal – Frankincense, May Chang & Cardamon.
The Silken Scallywag – Cypres, Bergamot & Vanilla.
The Peaky Blinder – Tangerine, Vanilla & Spearmint.
The Loveable Rogue – Sweet Orange & Vanilla.
The Mundane Misfit – Unscented.

The Bearded Rapscallion ‘About Us

Has been created by Tim and his better half Karen, who both had been making products for themselves for some time and thought it was time to bring you a selection of the highest quality natural products. Both of us share a passion to create premium quality products. All our products are hand-made, in small batches, by ourselves. Selecting only the finest Ingredients.
Here at The Bearded Rapscallion we are animal lovers and guarantee that our products are tested on us and not animals.

 Our Logo

Our logo was designed for us by the awesomely talented artist Quyen Dinh of Parlour Tattoo Prints. We have been a fan of her work for a long time, owning many of her prints. We were stoked when she agreed to do our logo for us. So Quyen to you we give great thanks. If you like our logo we suggest you check out her other work here.

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