Ever since I have started reviewing products, I have become a fan of beard soap. I even now use soap in the shower rather than the gels and use only products made from natural ingredients. Beard Lab ‘The Astronomer’ Beard Soap is exactly that and it has only reinforced my love of handmade and natural soaps.

Golden Beard Award
Golden Beard Award

I received a bar of Beard Lab ‘The Astronomer’ Beard Soap that is clear but the soap will be coloured when it appears on the website.

The scent is made up from Vetivert, sweet orange and sandalwood, it is a fascinating scent and the Vetivert is producing a deep smokiness to the soap. It is that kind of smoky scent that my old fire tunic had and the blend also adds a sweetness and a warmth to that and I really like it.

The first thing I look for with a soap or a shampoo is lather, our hard water makes this a harder task but Beard Lab ‘The Astronomer’ Beard Soap produces lather by the ton, well maybe not the ton but you get what I mean. I used the soap first off in the shower but after I attacked a massive rack of ribs, I used it again and it cleaned my beard up perfectly.

So Luke the bearded guy behind the Beard Lab brand has hit a home run with ‘The Astronomer’ soap and the brand is one to try. I have previously tested ‘The Scientist‘ Beard oil from Beard Lab and that was also a winner in my opinion and this brand is going from strength to strength.

Beard Lab

The Beard Lab ‘The Astronomer’ Beard Soap weighs in at 100g and will be available for a very reasonable £3.99 from the website. It comes housed in a smart looking card box with a slide on sleeve.

You can also keep up to date with all things Beard lab on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and YouTube.



By Zechariah Richardson

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