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Review: Bear Head Grooming Products ‘Peppermint Cream’ Beard Oil

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Review of Bear Head Grooming Products ‘Peppermint Cream’ Beard Oil

The 30ml bottle of ‘Peppermint Cream’ Beard oil costs £9.99 from the website.

The Oils are also available as:

  • Citrus Burst – Orange Peel, Lemon Peel and Grapefruit Peel
  • Scots Pine – Cedarwood, Siberian Fir & Bergamot
  • Raw – Unscented & slightly heavier oil

Bear Head

Where did it all begin ?  


Roughly around 3 years ago I started to grow my beard. The main reason? I was going bald, every young guys worst nightmare. My initial reaction was, aw shit how can I make this look a little less horrific? That’s when I decided to let the beard grow. Another reason for letting the beard grow was that I was always getting terrible razor rash. I had developed acne and the itch was unbearable, so I thought why not kill two birds with one stone and see how it looked.

Once I had committed to growing the beard, I started to look into different products on the market to help keep it under control. There was a massive boom of beard products on the market at this time. Every birthday and christmas I received an abundance of beard products all of which I tried out. Some were good and some were terrible. This got me thinking, what could I improve?

That’s when Bear Head Grooming Products was born. The amount of products I tried that were full of chemicals was alarming. I was putting this stuff all over my face and I had literally no idea what was in it. That’s when I decided to research how to make beard oils and what oils worked best to nourish skin and hair. I then experimented to produce my own beard oils and balms that were 100% natural and were exactly what I wanted out of a great beard product. I was focussed on developing grooming products that were completely natural using the finest sourced ingredients.

I believe my products will rival any on the market today. They’re all hand made in Scotland in small batches ensuring care and attention is put into each and every bottle and tin.  

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