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Review: Akhi Beards ‘Green’ Beard Balm

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After I had tested the Akhi Beards Beard Butter I then started to test the Akhi Beards ‘Green’ Beard Balm and was disappointed to see that these products are worlds apart!

The scent is Apple & Melon and when I saw that I was instantly concerned!!!

On the tin it lists the ingredients for the base and then says “a fusion of Essential Oils” and I was sure that you couldn’t get these scents as an essential oil and I was right. I checked the website and it said the same on there as well and so I emailed Akhi Beards to enquire.

Akhi Beards Balm

The reply said that the Balms which includes a Strawberry scented balm are limited edition and that the website would be updated soon and it has been.

Now this may seem like I am being unfair and believe me, it is not a part of the reviewing that I enjoy. I would love to be able to just sing the praises of every product, but as a reviewer it is my job to be honest and make sure that buyers are informed. Labels should as I have said before, contain certain information and the most important has to be a list of the ingredients and their allergens and it has to be an honest list! People have allergies and these allergies can be serious and of course with beard care, this can be transferred to our loved ones with a kiss and I know that my grandkids launch themselves at me and so they get the products on their faces.

Also there is the issue of trust, by seeing that the tin says Essential oils when it isn’t, I then start to question if the other ingredients and even in other products are correct and they may well be but when we lose trust, it’s hard to regain that.


Akhi Beards have contacted me about this. They were unaware that the scents were made using an artificial fragrance and they then had to decide whether to relabel or discontinue. They have decided that discontinuing the balms is the way forward as they artificial scents does not sit well with their ethos of only using natural products. I am very impressed that they have taken this route and they have said that they take responsibility for the error. The only way that any of us learn is by learning from mistakes and it’s how we move forward that defines us.

But, moving on! It says that the base that these fragrance oils are blended into is made up from Bees Wax, Shea Butter, Coconut Oil, Sweet Almond Oil, Vitamin E (Tocopherol) and contains as well Pine Essential Oil.

It is a medium consistency balm with a scent of the Apple and Melon which is actually quite pleasant. The balm is easy to work with and absorbs into the beard quickly without leaving any greasy residue. I did however have a dry beard after several hours and had to reapply some more balm and I had as you should, applied the balm to a damp beard.

Akhi Beards banner

The balm is contained in a 30ml tin with a screw top lid and costs £3.85 from the website.

I must once again say that it is important to choose products from brands that have been assessed and meet the requirements of the EU Cosmetics regulations.

These safety assessments make sure that we get a product that contains what it says it contains and that certain ingredients are only used within the allowed ratios.

I wrote a post about this which you can read here and it also lists brands that have contacted me and shown that they are assessed and meet the EU requirements.


100% Natural Beard Care. Handmade – Natural – Permissible.Home of ‘ The Best Beard Butter In The WORLD!’
We are undoubtedly, the most natural beard product on the market. Free from ALCOHOL, ANIMAL and ARTIFICIAL ingredients – Making us 100% permissible (Halal).
We avoid the use of artificial fragrances to scent our products, as they can be damaging to your hair/beard.

‘You can rest assured that if it’s not natural or safe (even in minute doses) then it’s not going in!’
Each product has been carefully ‘hand’ designed to meet Islamic regulations and is also perfect, for those who seek a safe and healthier option.

The journey all began when I first started practising Islam, searching for products to nourish and to help maintain my beard. I quickly found that this was not as straight forward as one would think. The market seemed to be flooded with products that contained hazardous substances, alcohol or animal derived ingredients.
I remember surfing the internet searching for suitable products. Reading lists upon lists of ingredients that required a chemistry degree not only to read but also to pronounce!
Spending the majority of my time googling words like, Sodium Tallowate, hoping they were safe to use but more importantly permissible. 9 times out of 10 I found that, a lot of these beard and hair products contained banned substances. I mean, who would have known that Sodium Tallowate (popular in soaps) is mostly derived from beef fat!

I think it’s safe to say that we’ve all been in this disappointing situation, whether it’s on the internet or in the supermarket aisle.

As a result I began moisturising my beard with base oils such us, regular almond oil and castor oil. Almost instantly I noticed the difference in the softness and overall appearance of my beard. Before long, I began mixing my very own scents and blends.

اَلْحَمْدُ لِلّٰه In 2017 by the grace and permission of ALLAH سُبْحَانَهُ وَ تَعَالَى, we launched Akhi Beards – A permissible alternative brand of beard grooming products.

I pray that these products can benefit you as it has for me.

A percentage of each purchase is donated to charity

You can keep up to date with Akhi Beards on TwitterFacebook and Instagram

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