You have to love Gardeners World, well we do and we always learn something from Monty Don and the rest of the team and this year resulted in us making a Recycled trampoline pergola.

This weeks Gardeners World that aired on 19th June 2020 featured a sent in video by a viewer about how he had recycled his kids trampoline and it was in arches of a quarter of the trampoline leant against a fence.

My wife looked at me at the same time that I looked at her and we had both had the same idea!

We have a 12′ trampoline in the shed that has seen better days and we knew exactly where we wanted to put the repurposed frame.

View of our garden

A month or so ago we put a new border in, we did this for two reasons. The first is we wanted more room for new plants and also we wanted to add some interest in the garden, when the plants mature it will divide the garden and yet it looked odd.

So this was exactly where we knew we wanted a pergola but couldn’t afford to purchase one and so, well it was tough, no pergola.

Recycled trampoline pergola

We divided the frame of the trampoline on half and turned it back on itself and joined the two halves with the poles that go to the feet of the trampoline. This was a good old bodge job and one pole in either side were joined with and over sized piece of timber hammered into one side and then the other pole hammered onto that.

We then encountered a problem where the two halves kept coming apart whilst we got it into position and I came up with an idea to join some of the springs that hold the mat of the trampoline and use those to keep the two halves tightly joined.

It was a stretched (sorry for the pun) but they needed to be very tight to do the job we wanted them to do.

Still the trampoline wasn’t high enough, it was only about 5 feet high and so we hammered home part of the metal poles that held the net up and that gave us a foot of extra height and a foot to be cemented into the ground.

Another bonus is my father in law has some left over post mix that we can have to cement it in!!!

Recycled trampoline pergola

And there you have it, one recycled trampoline and one new pergola that will have a rose and a Winter Flowering Jasmine growing up it.

Job done, one free pergola!

By Zechariah Richardson

Over 50, disabled, husband, father and gramps who reviews products and writes blog posts about his life, beekeeping, gardening and whatever pops into his brain!

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