This weekend  (3rd Dec 16) The Gentleman’s Grooming Show is at Tobacco Dock in London, I wanted to be there but my health means it’s a no go even though I am about 40 miles away! I wanted to meet some brand owners and possibly get some more reviews but mainly I have Questions for The Great British Grooming Co.

And so I put my questions to the camera and someone is going to show it to them at the show for me. If this is your brand, this wasn’t done for the hell of it, it wasn’t done to generate views, these are questions that I have emailed but had no answer!

Unfortunately at the show they refused to talk to my friend or watch the video, that gives us the answers I wanted to ask!

However the some of the guys from the Facebook group that I run ‘Guardians of the Beard’ had a good time and here is a photo of them at the Tactical beard Care stand.

Tactical Beard Care

So a friend Emailed The Great British Grooming Co and they responded finally and so I emailed back!

Hi Rachael,
I have just seen the email you sent to a friend  who emailed you about my video!
I have received 169 products to date for review to date and I now believe that I know a thing or two about beard care products.

Forget the serum as I don’t have an issue with it, however the oil and the balm are another matter entirely.
The first thing that you do with an oil is to dispense some into your hand, straight away this alerted me to the quality of your oil but as a tester I went ahead and applied it to my beard.
A good oil, well even some of the lower quality oils feel nice, made from oils such as Jojoba, Argan, Almond, hemp, grapeseed, coconut, castor etc and even an unscented oil that is blended from these oils can be very nice and leave your beard feeling good, but also caring for the skin under the beard.
Your oil is extremely thin, slimy and just not right and correct me if I am wrong but this is most likely down to the large ratio of Paraffin Oil and the other oils which I joked about having just splashed in because of the low ratio in comparison don’t have any effect because of the ratios?

Then you use Coumarin and Cinnamal for the scent rather than take the time to blend essential oils to produce a scent that is nice on the beard.

The balm is, well I’m sorry but awful! A balm is scooped out and this can be from very firm down to a butter like consistency and warming it in the hands gets it ready to be worked into your beard. Your balm was sloppy and turned to the same oil as your beard oil in seconds and again felt slimy and just unappealing!

Have you got your hands on a good beard care product?
Have you felt the quality in the products?

Now you say that this has been through testers etc, what was the experience of the testers?
Did these testers have beards that were at a size to warrant a balm?
Or are these guys that were just so grateful for a free product that they would have agreed no matter what?

I believe that as a reviewer I have to be honest, yes I have been sent free products and I am extremely grateful to the brands that have sent products, but I have a obligation to tell the truth about these products no matter what because guys listen to what I have to say.

I run a group for Bearded guys and the general consensus is that your products are extremely poor, the beard care market is huge and you sell in Superdrug and so it will sell at the prices you sell for and for the amount they get for the money, however how many returning customers are there?

Now for the awards
I was told by someone that these awards are advertisement or a pay to enter award and you have to admit that its very unlikely that you would win against the many many amazing brands in the UK! Forget the small batch products that are always the best products, even the big boys like Mo Bro’s should be way ahead of you, people are not stupid and its like getting a plastic ring out of one of the plastic eggs for a pound and saying it has won an award over Tiffany for example!

My intention isn’t to be harsh or damning but my emails went unanswered and so I put it on video as I couldn’t get to the show!

If you’re selling a cheap mass made oil that is made of cheap ingredients to offer it at silly prices, at least have the decency to not try and pretend otherwise, because its like you think that people are stupid?

Who there has a beard and tried the product before it was approved?

I understand that the beard care market is massive and you wanted a slice of that, but have you thought about going back to the drawing board and making something to be proud of?


And so today I received a reply, it is a reply but it is not an answer, its corporate dodging and refusing to acknowledge that their product is what it is!

Hi Zec,

Thank  you for your response. Apologies for the delay in response we’ve had a few sever issues.

Again I am sorry to hear you  feel this way about the products. We have had some great reviews on these from testers, customers and other bloggers. I do however appreciate that our products won’t suit everybody. I can assure our products are made to the highest standard by a team of professionals who have huge amount of experience in these kind of products. They also undergo testing to make sure they are compliant with regulations.

I can assure you the whole team that worked on this range thoroughly researched into the products, competitor products and key ingredient that should be added.

We worked with a fragrance house to create our fragrance. Sometimes it is not possible to get the desired fragrance with just essential oils. As each product is a different base in the range we want to keep the scent consistent so just using essential oils wouldn’t work.

We are all extremely proud of this brand and the success we have had so far.

Again I am sorry to hear you feel so strongly about the products but like I said we appreciate we can’t please everyone.

Kind Regards,


So that is that, I have given you my honest opinion on the brand and I know it’s a correct view because I have had many guys contact me and tell me the exact same thing!

And so Save

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