So recently I changed doctors, we had moved house a few years ago but I stayed with our old GP but now I have finally changed to a local doctor.
I had my medical with the nurse to check things like blood pressure and she then told me that I have no repeat prescription on the system, it took me by surprise because I thought it would just swap over with my notes, but I have to see the the doctor to get it set up.


It’s not a problem, I had just received a repeat before I swapped doctors and so I’m not due another prescription for 3 weeks, but for some reason it made  me feel very uncomfortable!

It’s very comforting to know that I can get a repeat prescription within 48 hours and to suddenly not have that is strange, here in the UK the NHS provides us with medication for a set fee or if we are on a low income or on benefits then it’s free and we take that for granted.
I often read posts from people in America about how they can’t get medication because the doctors look upon them as drug addicts or they can’t get the medication they need because it’s too expensive, it always shocks me to read it.
If the post was from someone in a third world country then I would understand, I would still feel for the person but I would understand that it’s because of where they are living, poverty and possible corrupt systems but it’s not, it’s coming from the leading country in the world. Why is this happening in a country like America, I hear all the time that people in America are jealous of our NHS and yet our government seem intent on destroying it and the thought of not being able to get proper health care or medication because I can’t afford it scares me.

So come on America, look after those that are in need
Cameron, leave our NHS alone!

By Zechariah Richardson

Over 50, disabled, husband, father and gramps who reviews products and writes blog posts about his life, beekeeping, gardening and whatever pops into his brain!

2 thought on “Prescription worries”
  1. I understand your fear greatly. I live in North Carolina, USA and between my daughter and I with our health issues the medications alone run about $ 1700 a month for hers and $ 2400 for mine. If we did not have insurance we would be in a much worse situation than we are in now. I am constantly having to fight for the medications to be covered as well as now having to deal with CRPS type 1 and trying to find medications that are covered by our insurance that I am not allergic to. Every month I have to worry about any of my daughter’s prescriptions or mine no longer being covered which has happened many times.

    1. People here complain when the prescription charge gets raised, the charge for a single prescribed medicine is £8.20, whereas a three-month Prepayment Prestriction Certificate costs £29.10 and a 12-month PPC £104.00.

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