I have never really been any good at pacing or listening to my body but recently I have got it very wrong!

We have three vertical wrought iron plant stands that hold four pots, I have one on the deck that I want to use for my mint plants but it needs wide and short pots. A look on the old www and it was about £10 per pot and I can’t afford that and so I had an idea.

Yes thank you Pinterest, I decided that I would mould my own concrete pots!

I found an old bucket in the shed that was the right width and so I cut that down to the right height using a jigsaw and I had another bucket for the inside of the mould.

It all looked fairly straight forward, a 25kg bag of cement was only £5.99 and the idea is that you coat the mould parts with oil, mix up the cement and pour enough for the base and then put the inner bucket in and fill with cement around the sides.

This has to be done sat on the floor of the shed of course and so it was then a case of just waiting 24 hours!

The pot wasn’t as easy to extract from the mould as I had been led to believe and so lots of tugging, prising, swearing and half hour and destroying the inner bucket and my first pot was revealed. It was okay, but not very good-looking, it was a bit thick but it would do.

Then came a flare up, pain went right up and I had my wife telling me how I never learn and that I am my own worst enemy!

Three days later I felt as good as I ever feel now and so off I went to make pot No 2!

This time I used a different inner mould because A – I had destroyed the other one and B – It was a better size. This time I put Cling film around the inner mould so it would come off easier.

Then I had to wait 24 hours!

The mould was on there just as firmly as the first, so me and my great ideas……

I place my feet on the pot and tugged on the inner bucket to free it and it came off again after much effort and swearing.

Then came another flare up

It’s okay I thought, I am willing to have a flare up to get this done but I hadn’t realised what damage I had done.

Yesterday it was clear I had injured my right hip. I had the usual nerve pain in my legs, feet and shoulders that was not pleasant but the hip is so painful that I can’t settle or even move properly and I am not afraid to admit that yes at one stage it was so bad that I was in tears.

Potty Behaviour!

So two pots and two flare ups and a buggered hip and pot No 3 is now going to have to stay in the mould until someone can help, my wife attempted it yesterday but I could have told her that she wouldn’t manage it!

My wife isn’t happy, she hates seeing me in pain and of course she then has to do more to help me and when it is because I have caused it myself, well she is not best pleased.

Have I learnt my lesson?

Well I expect I will still over do it when I can but as for making my own concrete pots?

I am retiring from the pot making world immediately!


By Zechariah Richardson

Over 50, disabled, husband, father and gramps who reviews products and writes blog posts about his life, beekeeping, gardening and whatever pops into his brain!

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