I think it is fair for me to say that I wouldn’t have chosen the Christmas we had.

Now please don’t take that to mean that I hate Christmas, that I am some kind of white and overweight Grinch!

I love it, loved it and now we have young grandchildren, the magic has returned, as Christmas is made magical when you see it through a child’s eyes!

It is just that because of my health, I find it so very hard and as Christmas got nearer and nearer, I became more anxious because I know it means more pain, fatigue and just feeling like I have run 2 marathons, whilst someone beats me with a baseball bat.

We had a chilled run up to Christmas as it is the only way to try and make sure I am as well as can be for the Christmas and Boxing day and so that was perfect.

Of course it is sods law that my pain levels started to rise on Christmas Eve and I didn’t sleep well and so I entered Christmas day feeling blurgh!

My youngest daughter, her partner Martyn and the grand-kids came round in the morning to open presents and then went off to Martyn’s family for Christmas day.

Bearded man sat looking at phone on Christmas Day

We went to my Mum’s and it was a relaxed Christmas Day with Mum, her husband and his son Richard and Richards Son. It was a nice day but still it eats the spoons and when we got home at around 6pm, I was spoonless and feeling bloody rough. (Spoon Theory)

So it was a dose of Metatone, D-Ribose and Oramorph and watch some TV and then to sleep at 9pm.

Boxing Day I knew was not going to be kind to my health!

Last year we limited Boxing Day to a few people, that still affects me but it is easier for me, but this year I said to Donna, just go for it.

I am very aware of how my health affects my family, it limits them on what can be done involving me and Donna loves to entertain and so we just invited the whole family.

Two bearded men

It was busy, it was noisy, it was chaos and I sat in the corner looking like Jeremy Clarkson at a ‘Climate Change’ conference.

I fully expect it leaves people looking at each other on the car journey home afterwards, looking at each other and mouthing ‘what the F’. That is because I doubt I looked happy as it is hard to when you feel so unwell and also this is not improved with my very dry sense of humour!

Bearded man, feeling unwell after Christmas. Spoonie

It is now the day after Boxing Day, I feel drained, all my energy has gone and everything is painful. I feel deflated and only another Spoonie would understand the feeling of this level of mental and physical fatigue.

Of course I should just rest, but this fool who is bad at resting and pacing decided to write a blog post and started at 9am and has been doing it in short bursts and it is now gone 1pm.

I wish all my fellow Spoonie’s the best in your post Christmas malaise!

By Zechariah Richardson

Over 50, disabled, husband, father and gramps who reviews products and writes blog posts about his life, beekeeping, gardening and whatever pops into his brain!

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