I recently purchased a Portable Folding Laptop Tray, it’s something I have been meaning to get for some time and I used some money I was given for Christmas to finally get one!

A laptop isn’t a particularly heavy item and as their name suggests, they are designed to sit on your lap. However I have CRPS (Complex Regional Pain Syndrome) and a laptop on my legs causes me a considerable amount of extra pain. This last year my health has declined and I can’t sit upright for very long without causing extreme fatigue and so I am normally laid back on the settee or in bed.

Having a laptop on a cushion isn’t a great idea as the laptop will over heat and so I set about looking for something to help.

There are many different designs, but I thought this one was probably the best design because it has legs either side that are actually three pieces with push buttons that allow them to angle in many different positions and the tray can be used with the legs in many different positions and it didn’t take long for me to find the perfect set up.

I originally saw the laptop tray on Amazon for £25 and up, so I searched on good old eBay and found this one for £13.95 and purchased it. Delivery was free but it soon arrived and had been shipped on 48 Royal Mail service.

Laptop Tray review

I use an old Toshiba L755D 15.6″ laptop (running Linux Mint)  and it fits perfectly on the Laptop Tray and the tray is sturdy enough to handle the laptop which weighs 5.5lbs and of course the added weight of my hands on the laptop.

As I said I am laid on the settee but the laptop tray is very stable and I am extremely pleased and it has made using the laptop a lot easier and more comfortable. Then of course the laptop is staying cool thanks to the array of 160 drilled holes in an X pattern.

The Laptop tray is made from a Magnesium and Aluminium alloy and the leg joints are made from a high intensity ABS. The front of the tray is folded up and comes supplied with two plastic and rubber pieces that clip over the edge and stop the laptop slipping forward when you have it at an angle. *UPDATE* Having used this for sometime now, I do find that the plastic pieces that are designed to stop the laptop slipping can hurt my wrists!

The Laptop tray also comes with a small tray that can be fixed to the side for a mouse, however it does only attach to the right hand side, although simply drilling a hole on the left would remedy that.

It’s the design of the legs that makes this Laptop Tray so good, each leg section rotates 360 deg at the push of a button and the tray will fold down flat.

I purchased the laptop Tray from an eBay seller called newapgaccount1-4 and I would not hesitate to buy from them again. I have seen these available with fans installed underneath that are powered by a USB lead but I don’t see the need, my laptop is cool and so fans are just a gimmick in my opinion!

So if you have a disability or chronic illness and you often use a laptop on the settee or in bed then this Laptop Tray is perfect for you. Of Course you can use the tray for other things, I actually used it to rest my book on in bed last night and even put my plate on it this morning whilst eating breakfast, it’s even perfect for doing artwork or crafts on whilst laid up!

I was concerned that by buying a cheaper version that it might not be suitable but I can honestly say that the price does not reflect the quality. We have the benefit with online shopping of being able to purchase a lot of Chinese made products and the Chinese make amazing products and the value for money is just astounding.



By Zechariah Richardson

Over 50, disabled, husband, father and gramps who reviews products and writes blog posts about his life, beekeeping, gardening and whatever pops into his brain!

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