Our 4 year old granddaughter was very excited when I asked if I would review the Planet & People Personalised Planet Action Kit subscription box.

I have to say that I applaud any products or activities that encourage children to learn about our planet and ways in which we can help to make it a better place to live and to help look after it.

Gardening disability children
Finding pollinators with the grandkids

Our grandkids are no strangers to this, we involve them with planting seeds and plants and we explain why we plant certain plants.

Last year they were very excited when we got a colony of bees for the Top Bar Hive that we built and we have been giving more of the garden over to encouraging the various pollinators into our garden.

So I knew that Olivia would enjoy this as it contained seeds for her to sow!

The ‘PlanetAction Kit’ aims to equip the next generation with the tools and skills  they need to be resilient in a future affected by environmental challenges. The activities focus on monthly eco-themes to encourage positive lifestyle changes that limit the impact on the planet.


Each ‘PlanetAction Kit’ includes:​​

  • Four colourful, fun activity sheets explaining the activities
  • Personalised letter to the child
  • Planet-friendly materials, toys and props. Plastic free!
  • Videos to inspire and reinforce the theme
  • An original audio story 
  • On Growth nature postcard
  • Online community with a focus on planet and people

The subscription box has become quite a big thing in the past few years with a massive range of products from activities for kids like this to subscriptions of underpants, ties and alcohol.

And I think they are very good especially at the moment where most children are stuck at home and being or meant to be being home schooled and I think it is very important to encourage them to step away from the TV or the games console, YouTube etc and learn about nature and our planet.

So many children do not have the experiences like I did and our grandchildren have where the sow seeds and learn how they grow and watch them grow into plants or vegetables.

And we need to be teaching this generation about nature and about pollinators because without them, we are in serious trouble.

Anyway, I will get on with the review and won’t go into one about the state of our planet!

So a subscription box like this one from Planet & People is a great tool to start discussion about nature and our planet with children.

February’s ‘Reduce Waste’ box contains;

  • Reduce Waste’Rustic wooden disc fridge magnet reminder
  • Personalised letter to the child sealed with wax
  • LOVE Your Planet activity cards:
  • Learn – A comic strip and quiz thinking about where your waste goes
  • Observe – A self-reflection challenging you to reduce your waste
  • Involve – Write to someone about what you have learnt
  • Enjoy – Craft your own wildflower seed recycled paper 
  • Original Audio Story following our young explorer, PAK, meeting inspiring global changemakers
  • Packet of sweet-pea seeds
  • ‘Plant For The Planet’Four compost plugs
  • Mini crisp packet key ring
  • Snakes & ladders eco-game
  • Handmade paper, envelope and wildflower seeds
  • Video to help you get inspired by the ‘Reduce Waste’ theme

I think this subscription will bring about very mixed comments!

For those people who do struggle financially, that view will be that for the equivalent price, you could do a lot more with your kids around this theme of recycling and planting

However I think that for those who do have disposable income, I think that this will be very popular and especially at the moment with the school closures and home schooling.

It will also hopefully then fuel the excitement and get kids interested in this topic and the more that do, the better.

And it is easy to do more to help, log piles, bug houses and even leaving part of the lawn to grow from Spring to Autumn will bring so many insects into your garden and that in turn attracts amphibians and birds.

I highly recommend it!

Planet & People

Check out the Planet & People Personalised Planet Action Kit that costs £12.95 from the website and £1 from every box sold goes to a charity to inspire young conservationists.

You can also re gift the Planet Action Kit for £5 and they basically send you a refill for the box and you can then send it on and I love that idea!

By Zechariah Richardson

Over 50, disabled, husband, father and gramps who reviews products and writes blog posts about his life, beekeeping, gardening and whatever pops into his brain!

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