Last night I was made aware of plagiarism in the beard care market. with a new brand stealing ideas and information from Robin Hood Beard Co and this happens more than you would imagine!

Plagiarism in the beard care market.

Brand owners work hard not only to produce the products but also the information contained on their websites and the promotion of their products. The beard care market is extremely competitive as more and more brands appear but in general the owners and creators of these brands are more than willing to assist other brand owners.

So it is not on when one of the brands that has been assisted by a few other brands, starts to blatantly steal their ideas and the information from their websites.

I was made aware of this on the beard group that I run on Facebook called ‘Guardians of the Beard‘ and I felt the need to remove the member from the group as it is not the sort of person I want on the group and I have no intention of giving any promotion to this brand!

The brand involved sold what is known as ‘White label’ products, this means that they purchase from another brand and label it up as their own and this happens more than you would realise. This can be done in two ways, they can either ask for their recipe to be made or work on a product with that brand or they can just buy the exact products that this brand sells and just relabel with their brand name and their new name for the scents.

I don’t have an issue with that, I wouldn’t personally knowingly buy white label products but I just look at it as a brand making extra money by supplying these products!

What I do have a problem with is what can only be described as underhanded, lazy and despicable behaviour, such as was discovered last night!

Not only did this brand steal this information and copy the ideas from Robin Hood Beard Co owner David Sharpe but this then meant he had to deal with this and therefore wasted an evening that had been put aside for marketing and other necessary work.

Plagiarism in the beard care market.

So what happened?

Well I think the first thing that was noticed was the copying of posts on social media that were blatantly copying the Robin Hood Beard Co and even though I expect it caused some discussion amongst the owner and his ambassadors it was left.

Plagiarism in the beard care market.


In this photo you can see that the brand has copied the styling of the product, the name ‘Multi Beard Balm’ has also been taken from the brand but also using their photo ideas.

Keeping your social media advertising fresh and interesting is difficult over time, you can’t risk being boring and losing the attention of followers and that means constantly thinking up new ideas and different way of photographing your products.

So it must be frustrating when you post and someone copies those ideas and uses it for their own gains!

Now that is frustrating, it’s not right but hey what can you do?

But it got so bad that it was almost funny, the brand in question copied and pasted the Robin Hood Beard Co information and this was obvious as not only had the brand copied and pasted the information, but they were also too lazy to even read it and notice that they had even left in the Robin Hood Beard Co email address!

Plagiarism in the beard care market.


Now it would be bad enough if this were the only case but I have heard and seen cases of logo plagiarism and copying of brand information and ideas on more than a couple of occasions.

The brand has even copied and pasted some of the BeardBrand blog posts to its own blog page and I have trouble believing just how this person can justify doing this!

I asked the owner of ‘Robin Hood Beard Co’ David Sharpe and owner of ‘Mariner Jack’ Dave Green if they would like to contribute to this post and this is what they had to say.

On the 1st of August 2018 myself and the team at Robin Hood Beard Company Ltd we’re made away of a situation regarding negligible copyright infringement from a competitor beardcare brand towards ourselves.

Specifically, copying direct and exact information from our brands website content including collection description content, product description content, terms and conditions content, deliveries and returns content and misleading use of our product trademark ‘Multi Balm’. 

Myself have been in talks with the brand owner in question and have directly issued an exact time-frame to resolve the issue and remove any such copyright infringement from their brands website, to which I have had a number of responses from the brand owner regarding resolving the issue, and are now satisfied that these changes have been made (As of 04/08/18)

We have made it perfectly clear that we will not tolerate any such behaviour towards Robin Hood Beard Company Ltd, our website, our content or our products, seeking legal action if necessary. 

As the brand owner of Robin Hood Beard Company Ltd I have worked extremely hard since the foundation of our brand in 2016, to maintain an untarnished reputation within the bearded community, ensuring our content is original and engaging, producing our own content throughout our website and focusing on the originality and passion that’s hopefully sought throughout our product range and brand image. I’m sure that all brand owners can agree that it is not an easy task, yet a rewarding one when you see something that was once an idea being embraced in the community. 

The events that have occurred have not only shook my faith in the business but my faith in people, not only as a brand owner but a genuine person just like everybody else, it’s morally the wrong thing to do and would not want any other business owner or person to be subjected to the same treatment, to work your hardest towards your life’s passion only to be subjected to backhanded stealing is not okay under any circumstance.  

I’m extremely appreciative of the support throughout the community within the last few days, and the respect and diligence that goes with it. 

To that I wish to thank you all, we can now hopefully return to what we do best. 

David Sharpe 

Director and Founder 

Robin Hood Beard Company Ltd

I will update the Post when Dave Green sends his views.

What are your thoughts on white label beard care?

What are your thoughts on this brand blatantly stealing from other brands for their own gain?

My reviews of the Robin Hood Beard Co can ne found here!

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