Having a parcel delivered was always a hit and miss affair, but since the first Covid lockdown it has become worse, the new drop and run system means many parcel delivery drivers don’t consider disability!

The spread of covid and the need to create the 2-metre rule meant life changed and I have a feeling that in many areas, it will have changed forever.

One of these is parcel delivery.

Before the pandemic the driver would knock (if you are lucky) and hand you the parcel or they would at least wait around until you had taken the parcel.

But then covid hit the world and delivery drivers started placing the parcel on the floor and backing off, signed for parcels would no longer be signed for, and instead the driver would take a photo of the parcel on the floor and our legs!

However, many I think have used the pandemic as an excuse to not hang around, they drop the parcel at the front door, knock or ring and f**k off!

Not a problem for many but if the recipient is disabled, they might struggle to retrieve a parcel from the ground and especially if it is a heavy parcel.

I have had a few parcels delivered that are very heavy, in fact as I write this post I am home alone and a parcel delivery is imminent. It is a Hello Fresh box delivery and these are weighty, and the driver never sticks around, or rather they haven’t so far.

We will see how today’s delivery goes!


DPD Hello Fresh delivery
DPD drop and f**k off delivery

He knocked on the door and left the box on the ground and left and the step into our property is high and so when I answer the door, I have a box that is actually sat lower than the floor of the house and I am sat in a wheelchair.

I can’t get out of the house to retrieve it because there is a heavy box in the way!

So I am bending right down whilst sat in a wheelchair, trying to grab a heavy box and get it up and onto my lap and that hurts as I have bad nerve pain in my legs.

Plus, Hello Fresh use a solid box with no hand holds and so actually grabbing hold of the box is very hard, there is no consideration at all!

Stickman door sticker

There is no excuse for the driver to drop and go, because on the front door I have not one but two of the Stickman Communications stickers that say ‘Please allow extra time for door opening duties’, above is the new one.

These are available from the Disability Horizons Shop costing £1.50

I also have the old one that says uncooperative body and shows that the occupant is disabled.

But apparently two stickers alerting them to this is not enough!

The multi-drop delivery drivers are busy, I know that their schedule is crazy and that this new drop and f**k off method must mean they can get their deliveries done quicker but the reason that so many disabled people shop online, is that we are disabled and so this is not helping us.

Thankfully the majority of supermarket delivery drivers are very helpful!

The spending power of disabled people that is referred to as ‘The Purple Pound‘ means that we should be speaking up about this and letting the delivery companies know that this is not good enough.

It would be very easy to solve by registering as disabled, elderly or having a chronic health condition and this is noted on the system!

Enough is enough, we are rarely considered!

By Zechariah Richardson

Over 50, disabled, husband, father and gramps who reviews products and writes blog posts about his life, beekeeping, gardening and whatever pops into his brain!

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